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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Traill's tobacco tin a hot item online

This tin of tobacco sold in New Norfolk is attracting strong
interest in an online auction.
ONLINE auction bidders are going crazy over an antique tobacco tin with a connection to New Norfolk.

Measuring 10.5cm by 8cm and 2cm deep, the tin was listed for sale on eBay on May 13, with a starting price of $60.

Keen interest among five bidders has seen the price skyrocket to $1875, with three days remaining.

Once containing "a choice blend of fine cut tobacco", the two-ounce tin bears a paper seal advertising that it was only obtainable from H.W. Traill in High St, New Norfolk.

The Traill family was in business in New Norfolk from about 1922 and it owned property in High St until the middle of last year. Mr H.W. Traill initially operated a small business in the town and then took on a general store in High St, which was advertised as the "Model Store". The tobacco tin being sold on eBay is labelled "Model Special."

In 1935 the general store was sold to S.P. English. The building was later demolished to make way for the town's Coles variety store, and is now occupied by St Vincent de Paul.

In 1936 Mr Traill was working as an estate agent in High St, with the phone number Norfolk 111. In the 1940s the business traded as H.W. Traill and Son, with the additional service of being a booking agent for Australian National Airways (later Ansett).

The travel agency operated for many decades, extending into a third generation of the family before being sold. The premises, at 43 High St, remained in the family until 2019.

UPDATE: The tobacco tin sold for $2946.68.

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