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Monday, May 4, 2020

New Norfolk footy stars popular on eBay

John Windsor.
FIFTY-YEAR-OLD raffle tickets featuring photos of leading New Norfolk footballers of the day have sold for more than $100 each in online auctions.

A ticket stub bearing a photo of John "Beatles" Windsor sold for $105.50 on eBay last night, after attracting 24 bids from four bidders.

Described by the seller as dating to 1970, the tickets also feature the names of local businesses, as well as each player's statistics.

Windsor's ticket advertises Lonergan's for family footwear, and describes the 24-year-old dairy farmer as a rover and pocket forward recruited from the New Norfolk Under-19s. At the time he was 5' 11" tall (180cm) and weighed 12 stone 4 pounds (78kg).

Greg Winters.
A ticket featuring Greg Winters sold for the same price and attracted 18 bids from four potential buyers.

His ticket advertised Ted Crosswell's BP service station and noted the 23-year-old ruckman's occupation as a pulp tester. Recruited from the Devonport Under-19s, Winter was 6' 2" (188cm) and weighed 13 stone 7 pounds (87.5kg).

The same seller is now offering similar items featuring Terry Lane and captain-coach Ricky Graham. The seller has started the bidding at $24.50 for the coach who was recruited from Geelong, and $11.50 for the home-grown Lane. 

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