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Monday, May 11, 2020

Mt Field still out of reach from New Norfolk

MT FIELD remains out of reach of most Derwent Valley residents following today's partial reopening of national park and reserves as the State Government starts to relax the social distancing rules that have so far stopped a widespread outbreak of coronavirus in Tasmania.

From today, Tasmanians will be able to undertake exercise at national parks and reserves, including beaches in their local area.

But residents can only use parks and reserves that they can walk, run or cycle to, or if this is not possible, can drive to within 30km of their place of residence. The distance between New Norfolk and National Park is 47km.

Residents must still maintain and observe physical distancing rules, limit groups to two people except for household members, and move on once they have completed their exercise.


This limited access to national parks and reserves follows the closure of all PWS reserved lands declared under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 on March 26, to prevent non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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National Park visitor centres, cafes and campgrounds still remain closed until further notice.

Even with this partial opening of parks and reserves, the State Government says people who don’t need to leave their home to go to work, go to school, get supplies, provide care or exercise, should still stay at home.

From today, people can exercise at parks and reserved lands managed by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. This includes National Parks, State Reserves, Nature Reserves, Game Reserves, Conservation Areas, Nature Recreation Areas and Regional Reserves, provided they are within 30km of your home.

In New Norfolk, this should see the reopening of the Derwent Cliffs State Reserve, which connects the Derwent Esplanade with the Tynwald Park wetlands. The Derwent Valley Council is expected to make its own announcements today.

Full details about the partial reopening of national parks and reserves can be found here.

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