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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mayor: Gazette is the official news source

Cr Ben Shaw.
THE Derwent Valley Gazette was today declared to be the official source of news about the appointment of the Derwent Valley Council's new general manager.

In a Facebook post this morning, mayor Ben Shaw shared a media release which he described as the "official/factual" details of the new appointment, and said more could be read in the "official story in the Derwent Valley Gazette today."

The Gazette was granted exclusive access to the same media release earlier in the week, enabling it to be included in today's issue, which was printed last night. This was despite a council spokesman telling the New Norfolk News that the media release would not be available until today.

The media release states that the new chief executive, Dean Griggs, will start work with the council on May 25. "With his appointment being unanimous amongst my fellow councillors, Dean knows that he will receive support and encouragement in helping us advance in serving our wonderful community," Cr Shaw said in the official statement.

The former general manager, Greg Winton, this year parted ways with the council only 13 months after his new four-year contract was unanimously ratified by then newly-elected council.


  1. Hello welcome to the new general manager u have interesting credentials which we all hope u will use to bring a fresh approach to this valley a sense of community n commitment and communication which has been lacking in the past particularly with the present elected councilors and sum staff its not about personalities but performance

  2. Welcome u bring very interesting credentials i do hope u can revive this community commitment communication has been lacking by all parties its not about personalities its about us look at the bigger picture not yourselves

  3. This issue. Again. Councillors! This is not a strategy that will work for you. :)