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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Council's new general manager revealed

Dean Griggs.
A VICTORIAN local government executive is the new general manager of the Derwent Valley Council.

Councillors last week voted unanimously to offer the position to Dean Griggs, whose roles at the City of Melbourne included social investment manager, community safety and wellbeing manager, and municipal recovery manager.

In 2018, as the Melbourne council's business and tourism manager, he was a guest speaker at the Australia-China Business Council's forum on "The Future of Retail: Increasing the Chinese Visitor Spend."

He has also served on the Royal Children's Hospital Board's population health committee. He worked at the City of Darebin from 2000-2010, holding various roles including family youth and community support manager, and acting director of communities and culture. His earlier work was in the community mental health sector.

He has a bachelor of behavioural science and a graduate diploma in health promotion from La Trobe University, and a masters of business administration from Swinburne University of Technology.

The council will officially announce Mr Griggs' appointment later today via media release.


  1. Well good luck with this lot Dean Griggs - wonder how long it will take for you to regret your decision?

  2. Very impressive appointment!

  3. Welcome hm very interesting credentials i do hope u can bring these skills to our municipality we shorey need a positive change here communicate with the people which is not happening at present from all tears of the present council i do wish u good good luck the lack of suitable qualifications is very obvious i know .

  4. Welcome very interesting credentials i do hope u will use them to sort out the present situation which is toxic no communication it about our community not individual councils or staff

  5. Welcome very interesting credentials i hope u can bring these in a positive way to assist in the recovery of this municipality which is toxic on all levels there has been a total. Regard to infrastructure planning here by suitable qualified staff .

  6. In setting up this comment about the news it necessary to keep in mind the back drop of the before. It will be from that perspective that creates the enviorment for how happy I am for our community & the organisation.The health & well being of the community, staff & Concillors has purcilated to become a top priority.

    Two different emotional packed stories from the before 'The public wants blood' & 'Far from functional' charged with people communicating. Therefore a person with a skill set & experience in social investment coupled with resilence/recovery experience & business/place making
    ideas is magical.

    In closing I would like to quote Mr. Griggs from the Gazette May 6, 2020 "I have a passion for working with people...." Ifeel fortunate... he contiues to talk about " a council that serves such an engaged & passionate community as Derwent Valley." I'm hearing what is often referred to as a person's inter communication skills which is a huge quality to have as part of the social investment skill set.