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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Lions Club news: Supporting Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns Committee members Ian Lacey, left, and Phil
Bingley, front, with Lions Club members Ricky Jackson, Viv
Cardwell and Fiona Cardwell.
THE Lions Club supports the valuable work of the New Norfolk Tidy Towns Committee for whom graffiti removal is a strong focus. A donation of graffiti removal equipment including a spray gun and a generator, from the Lions Club is proving to be a great success.

“Small pieces of graffiti are treated with graffiti removal spray or are painted over," Tidy Towns Committee member Ian Lacey said. "However, the removal of large tags was previously time consuming especially on the perimeter walls of Willow Court as they need specific treatment and a great deal of care,” Mr Lacey said.

Mr Lacey is enthusiastic about the new equipment, which he says can cut down the time it takes to remove a large tag at Willow Court by two-thirds. "It has a gentle action and is used in conjunction with large paint brushes," he said. "Those walls are painted in the traditional way using three coats of lime wash. This process can only be done in cooler weather - not warmer than 18 degrees."

The Tidy Towns Committee has been removing graffiti around New Norfolk for 13 years. “We remove about 500 pieces of graffiti per year from under bridges, at Willow Court, on public buildings and also from private property when requested,” he said.

The committee's policy is that graffiti is best prevented by removing any examples as soon as possible. If you see any graffiti, let the Derwent Valley Council know and the Tidy Towns team will remove it. Call 6261 8500, email, or use the SnapSendSolve mobile app.

LEFT: Michael Tenhave using the graffiti removal equipment at Willow Court.

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