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Friday, March 20, 2020

Lions Club News: Supporting health initiatives

LIONS Clubs all across the country, including New Norfolk, donate to the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation.

This foundation delivers health and wellbeing information to schools and communities through a range of projects and resources. Two of these are Tune In Not Out and Freedom to Feel Fantastic.

Tune In Not Out is an award-winning health and wellbeing website. It brings content from across Australia together in one central location on a range of topics from mental health, relationships, alcohol and other drugs, to self-esteem, body image, work and school life, and much more.

There are options for young people to leave their own stories or music playlist. There is also a teachers and youth educators section with worksheets full of activities. For more information visit

Freedom to Feel Fantastic is a positive body image and self-esteem campaign, inviting schools and community groups to help promote the message that we all have the right to be who we want to be judgement free.

Each year, participating schools and community groups hold a Freedom to Feel Fantastic event, from class-based activities, lunchtime events through to whole of school events. The project invites young people to tear up the negatives they find themselves thinking, feeling, seeing and saying and reframe their thinking to feel positive about who they are.

Schools are invited to participate by running an event at any stage of the year to fit their curriculum. A free event pack is available to assist schools in putting together events or class-based activities. For more information see

For more information about the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation visit the official website. Lions Australia. We serve (more than sausages).

All local clubs and organisations are welcome to share their news. Email

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