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Friday, March 13, 2020

Lions Club News: Healing our wombats

Vanessa Fletcher.
WILDLIFE carer Vanessa Fletcher gave a passionate, energetic and engaging talk at a recent meeting of the Lions Club of New Norfolk.

Vanessa, who has completed wildlife rescue training at Bonorong Wildlife Reserve and is undertaking further training to be a wildlife carer, spoke about her volunteer work helping wombats with mange in the Derwent Valley.

This very serious, little known and pervasive problem is caused by burrowing mites. It is easily spread and is a painful death sentence for too many wombats.

Vanessa is happy to speak with anyone who wants to know more about wombat mange, especially the signs to look for and how to treat it.

She asks that residents of the Derwent Valley support her by letting Wombat Rescue Tasmania know when and where they see a wombat. Just call 0419 585 001. They will contact Vanessa so that she can check it and, if necessary, treat it or let you know that she is treating it.

Lions Club members listening to Vanessa's talk.
When Vanessa treats a wombat she marks its rump with a non-toxic orange paint so that it is easily recognisable. As the wombat starts to heal it looks worse before it improves.

Please don’t shoot a wombat that looks sick, thinking that you are ending its suffering. Contact Vanessa first - it may actually be on the mend.

Vanessa, is a member of the Wombat Protection Society of Australia, Wombat Rescue Tasmania and Wombat Warriors in the Derwent Valley. Let's help heal wombats in our Valley and support Vanessa to treat as many as she and her supporters can. More information is available on Facebook. Lions Australia. We serve – more than sausages.

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