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Thursday, March 5, 2020

In the clear over bird cull: council

THE Derwent Valley Council says it has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case of the poisoning of birdlife at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk, at the end of June last year.

Without releasing the advice received, the council today said it had been informed that the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment's investigation into the matter had been completed.

"Council has today been issued with a letter stating that neither DVC nor any of its employees were found to have breached any legislation," a council spokesman said. "However, council has been advised to ensure appropriate permits and authorities are in place when engaging contractors to take on any work on council’s behalf."

The council spokesman said the letter stated: “there was no supporting evidence that employees of the Derwent Valley Council were directly involved in any breaches of the above (Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical (Control of Use) Act 1995, Wildlife Regulations 2010) legislation and, as such Biosecurity Tasmania will not be proceeding with any charges against any individual employee or the Derwent Valley Council as a corporation”.

The council statement said the council would now address its own independent report into same matter at this month's council meeting.

The spokesman said it was understood that a contractor engaged by the council would be formally charged in relation to their actions. "Whilst this is a legal matter, council cannot comment any further," the spokesman said.

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  1. Interesting. Can’t help but wonder why Schedule 61, Clause 4, of the Act doesn’t apply. Looking forward to finding out.