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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Gretna Cricket Club players' awards

WELL done to Mathew Burns who won the Gretna Cricket Club's first division players' award vote count that was held last Sunday. Burns, a club veteran who has now won the award four times, won with 22.5 votes, four votes ahead of Aaron Maddox on 18.5.

In the second division, well done to Zac Crosswell with 15.5 votes, who won by half a vote over Bailey Wheeler on 15. Congratulations to all winners and runners up in both Gretna I and Gretna II.

Gretna I: Mathew Burns 22.5 votes, Aaron Maddox 18.5, Ben Rainbird 16, Craig Cunningham 13, Corey Ransley 9.5, Jackson Ackerly 6.5, Rhys Browning 5, Marc Worldon 4.5, Jamie Duggan 2.5, Trent Grant 2.
Gretna II: Zac Crosswell 15.5 votes, Bailey Wheeler 15, Adam Browning 13, Ross Langford 10, Jake Campbell 5.5, Ben Rainbird 5, Tommy Allcock 5, Corey Ransley 3, Josh Whitford 3, Trent Grant 2.5, Marc Worldon 2, Jordan Hastie 2, Brian Smith 1.5, Dylan Grant 1.

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