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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Council: emergency powers motion withdrawn

A PROPOSAL to give special emergency powers to Derwent Valley mayor Ben Shaw has been withdrawn at tonight's council meeting.

Acting general manager Brian Barrett withdrew his supplementary agenda item after a heated discussion with former general manager Stephen Mackey during public question time.

Mr Barrett had intended to recommend that councillors "delegate authority to the mayor to make policy decisions required to provide an effective response to COVID-19 between council meetings," such as making decisions on abandoning community events or ceasing to provide community services.

This move to delegate powers beyond those given to mayors by the Local Government Act was questioned by Mr Mackey, which started a debate between the acting general manager and the former general manager. Ultimately the proposal was withdrawn.

The meeting is under way in the New Norfolk War Memorial Hall.

1 comment:

  1. It is fortunate that this silly motion has been withdrawn. Don't tell me common sense is finally prevailing within this council? It seems to me that the acting general manager was trying to reduce his responsibilities for all operational matters and dump it on a perhaps ill-informed mayor.I hope the majority of elected members were not intending to pass this ill-conceived motion.