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Monday, February 17, 2020

Politicians' potato peeling picture special

Bushy Park Show program co-ordinator Alison Hennessy, left, listens as sponsor
Bel Bird of the New Norfolk Guardian Pharmacy starts the 2020 Pollie Peel-Off
at the show on Saturday.

Bushy Park policeman Peter Gibson's performance in
Round 1 got him through to the final of the fastest-peel.

Lyons MHA and Primary Industries minister Guy Barnett
in Round 1 of the fastest-peel event.

Lyons MHR Brian Mitchell, last year's winner, earned a
place in the final of the fastest-peel event this year.

Legislative Councillor Craig Farrell and Derwent Valley deputy mayor discussing
implements before the start of Round 2 of the fastest-peel event.

Derwent Valley Councillor Natasha Woods in Round 2
of the Pollie Peel-Off contest. 

Round 2 appeared to be a dead-heat between Lyons MHR
John Tucker and Cr Natasha Woods.

Alison Hennessy distributing potatoes to the finalists in the fastest-peel event,
from left, John Tucker MHA, Cr Natasha Woods, Brian Mitchell MHR and local
policeman Peter Gibson.

Cr Woods checks her work after winning the fastest-peel event, while last year's
winner, Mr Mitchell, continues peeling.

All the competitors returned for the second event, for the longest potato peel.
From left, John Tucker MHA, Cr Jessica Cosgrove, Cr Natasha Woods, Guy
Barnett MHA, Jen Butler MHA, Constable Peter Gibson, Brian Mitchell MHR
and Craig Farrell MLC.

Fellow competitors react as Mr Farrell becomes the final contender in the
quest for the longest potato peel.

The crowd watching the Pollie Peel-Off.

Mr Farrell displays his competition-winning longest potato peel.

Derwent Valley councillors Jessica Cosgrove, left, and Natasha Woods.

Craig Farrell MLC and Councillor Natasha Woods with their Pollie Peel-Off
championship ribbons and certificates.

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