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Sunday, February 16, 2020

New Norfolk golf results

The New Norfolk Golf Club is open for meals from 5-8pm
on Thursdays and 4-6pm on Fridays. All welcome.
Inquiries: 0437 801 495.
New Norfolk Golf Club

Saturday 15/2/20 3rd Club Championships Stroke
A Grade gross: B. Rainbird 66, A. Lowe 67, C. Youd 72; Nett: A. Lowe 67-5-62, I. Holthouse 74-10-64, B. Rainbird 66-7-67.
B Grade gross: P. Foster 83, D. Post 86, K. Sturzaker 88; Nett: P. Foster 83-17-66, K. Sturzaker 88-16-72, D. Post 86-13-73.
C Grade gross: D. Vagg 90, S. Gray 91 c/b, D. Giles 91; Nett: D. Vagg 90-23-67, M. Heron 92-23-69 c/b, S. Gray 91-22-69.
Nearest-the-pins: 3rd K. Sturzaker, 6/15th D. Hack, 8/17th G. Heron, 11th B. Rainbird. Eagle: A. Lowe on 16.

Saturday 15/2/20 1st Round Vets Championships Stroke
Gross: C. Youd 72, M. Williams 74, G. Hack 79; Nett: P. Foster 83-17-66, C. Youd 72-4-68 c/b, M. Williams 74-6-68.

Thursday 13/2/20 Twilight Stableford
Division 1: B. Withers 24, D. Williams 23, R. Dureau 20, M. Williams 19 c/b, J. Miller 19 c/b.
Division 2: G. Triffitt 22, I. King 19 c/b, M. Smith 19, A. Watts 18, R. Hoare 16.
Division 3: A. Bond 22, D. Giles 21, B. Rice 19 c/b, A. Youd 19, R. Hodge 18 c/b.
Superpin: R. Hodge.

Wednesday 12/2/20 Stroke
18 hole: G. Smith 40, D. Watts 38, B. Rice 37, R. Rainbird 36 c/b, P. Foster 36 c/b. Birdie hole: G. Hack.
9 hole: R. Collins 20 c/b, M. Williams 20 c/b, G. Smith 20 c/b, S. Baron 20, R. Rainbird 19. Birdie draw: M. Smith.

Saturday 8/2/20 2nd Round Club Championships Stroke
A Grade gross: C. Youd 73 c/b, B. Rainbird 73, L. Post 74; Nett: C. Youd 73-4-69 c/b, G. Hack 75-6-69, B. Watt 79-8-71.
B Grade gross: A. Watts 84, P. Foster 85 c/b, G. Bailey 85; Nett: P. Foster 85-18-67, A. Watts 84-15-69, K. Sturzaker 87-16-71 c/b.
C Grade gross: K. Clark 92, D. Watts 93, T. Banks 96; Nett: J. Broadhead 96-27-69, K. Clark 92-21-71, D. Martin 97-23-74 c/b.
Nearest-the-pins: 3rd B. Watt, 6/15th G. Smith, 8/17th A. Watts. Superpin: A. Watts.

Thursday 6/2/20 Twilight Stableford
Division 1: D. Williams 24, B. Heron 21 c/b, B. Watt 21, R. Rainbird 20, G. Hack 19.
Division 2: A. Watts 20, M. Woodhams 19, P. Foster 18 c/b, B. Chaplin 18 c/b, B. Coy 18.
Division 3: D. Vagg 21 c/b, R. Green 21, R. Oakley 20 c/b, R. Hoare 20 c/b, D. Giles 20.
Superpin: J. Kinloch. Eagle on the 1st D. Williams.

Wednesday 5/2/20 Stroke
18 hole: L. McKenzie 75-10-65, L. Dittmann 81-13-68 c/b, B. Crowley 100-32-68, G. Smith79-10-69, J. Miller 74-4-70. Birdie draw: A. Watts.
9 hole: L. McKenzie 37-5-32 c/b, B. Crowley 48-16-32, L. Dittmann 40-6½-33½, K. Sturzaker 42-7½-34½ c/b, C. Simpson 42-7½-34½.
Birdie draw: L. McKenzie.

Anyone interested in joining the New Norfolk Golf Club as a playing member (there are clubs and buggies for hire), as a social member, or looking for a function venue, is welcome to contact the club for further information:
1 Howell Drive, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Phone: (03) 6261 2653
The club is available for hire for weddings, private functions etc.  The venue cost is free for a function of more than 40.

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