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Monday, January 20, 2020

Reader's letter: Glen Dhu bridges

New bridge at 370 Glen Dhu Rd.
I am writing in relation to community safety, the two replacement bridges at 370 and 420 Glen Dhu Rd, Molesworth, which do not have any safety barriers or reinforced concrete bollards. I have written to the Derwent Valley Council, about this matter twice now.

Firstly I was told that the bridges do not require handrails,which I did not ask for, and that the bridges are now complete, and to Australian Standards. I have since written again, and again told that both the bridges are complete, and to Australian Standards.

This is not Australian Standards, this is the cheap Derwent Valley Council, compromising community safety. As you can see in the pictures, one has six plastic guide posts and the other has four plastic guide posts. This is not Australian Standards.

If the Derwent Valley Council is too cheap to install the proper safety barriers, they should at least install the reinforced concrete bollards: four up each side where the four large bolts protrude out of each side of the bridge deck. This is where the bollards bolt on to and fit into the recess, which is part of the design.

How easy do you think it would be for person on foot to trip over the raised concrete edge up either side? The plastic guideposts are for the roads edge, not to be used as a cheap alternative for a bridge bollard.

New bridge at 420 Glen Dhu Rd.
If this is to Australian Standards, why does one bridge have six plastic guide posts and the other only has four plastic guide posts? Are these compromises being made because we the rate payers are paying for three general managers, with only one on the job?

I have since written to the Minister for Local Government, Mark Shelton, and two other state MPs regarding this bridge safety matter.

Steven M. Gargan

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  1. The one at hasnson road was the same the they put up the cheapest hand rail they could get