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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Pelham fire downgraded, meeting tonight

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A BUSHFIRE information session will be held at the Broadmarsh Hall tonight (Thursday) to update the community on the Pelham Rd bushfire which has today been downgraded to Advice status after several days at Emergency and Watch and Act levels.


Tasmania Police advises that a number of roads in the area remain closed due to the bushfire activity. Bluff Rd between Elderslie Rd and Tanina is closed to all motorists with the exception of residents who may enter to inspect their properties at their own risk, a police spokesman said.

Pelham Rd between Elderslie Rd and Sonners Rd is also closed to motorists other than local reasidents needing to inspect their properties. Updated road closure information is available on the Tasmania Police website.

The Tasmania Fire Service says the fire that started at Pelham Rd, Pelham, may continue to put Elderslie and Broardmarsh under threat today. "Those in the area are asked to remain vigilant as conditions can change quickly. There is no immediate threat to any of these communities but this fire is still active and remains uncontrolled," a spokesman said.

"Fire under these conditions can be difficult to control. Access roads are being managed by Tasmania Police with access for residents only. Work is continuing to clear the roads and make them safe."

Tonight's bushfire information session will be at 6.30pm in the Broadmarsh Hall, 1218 Elderslie Rd, Broadmarsh. The fire service encourages Broadmarsh and Elderslie residents to attend.

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