Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Heritage doors off for assessment

THE metal-clad front doors of the Derwent Valley Council Chambers in New Norfolk have been removed for assessment.

A key feature of the art deco building, the doors were removed last weekend and temporary doors were installed in their place.

A council spokesman said the doors were so big and heavy that they were starting to damage their surroundings. As a result it had been decided to remove the doors while the situation was assessed.

Opened in 1935, the council building was an addition to the original New Norfolk Library Hall which had been built in Circle St in 1866.  The prime site facing down High St was transferred to the council when it outgrew the combined council office, police station and court house in Bathurst St.


  1. They've now painted the "temporary" doors brown.

  2. That probably just cost the rate payers $15,000.00 No doubt.