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Monday, December 23, 2019

First round of community grants allocated

SEVEN local organisations have been named as the recipients of funding totalling nearly $9000 under the first round of this financial year's Derwent Valley Council community grants.

At the November council meeting, councillors received a recommendation from community development officer Bec Tudor for the approval of funding for seven of the 10 applications received.

In a written report, Ms Tudor noted that three remaining applications had not complied with the grant requirements approved Grants for 7 community organisations, leaving $11,000 of budgeted funds to be awarded in the second Grants Round 2.

Councillors Frank Pearce and Julie Triffett declared conflicts of interest in this agenda item and left the room while it was discussed. The remaining five councillors present unanimously supported Ms Tudor's recommendation that the following grants be approved:

  • Lachlan Hall Committee: $792 replacement of kitchen floor coverings
  • Derwent Valley Choir: $400 for new music scores
  • Upper Derwent United Hall: $500 for a whipper-snipper
  • New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch: $3025 towards website development
  • Derwent Valley State Emergency Service: $2000 for rescue training manequin
  • Westerway Primary School: $1000 for 100th Anniversary event activities
  • Derwent Valley Arts: $1199 for an outdoor data projector

Not funded were a $40,000 request for a jetski and trailer for the New Norfolk Police Station; $2246 for marquees for the New Norfolk Cricket Club; and $1500 for a woodchopping carnival at the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival.

Ms Tudor said the unsuccessful applicants would receive feedback on their applications and alternative funding suggestions. "This round brings the total to more than $233,000 that has been awarded to community organisations from council since the Community Small Grants Program started in 1997/98," she said.

With $20,000 available in the community grants budget this year, a second round will be held early next year to distribute the remaining $11,000. The next round is likely to close in March. Any group interested in attending a grants workshop for assistance with future applications is invited to

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