Saturday, November 16, 2019

Locals win Christmas Pageant prizes

Fairview Primary School's entry in the Hobart Christmas Pageant.
TWO groups from New Norfolk won awards for their entries in the Hobart Christmas Pageant today.

The award for best school entry went to Fairview Primary School and the title of best band went to the Derwent Valley Concert Band.

Both groups will be seen in the New Norfolk Christmas Parade on December 14.

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  1. After seeing the picture & reading the story which for me was about taking the show on the road. What better place than in a capital city.

    I was reminded of this quote from some of the work around the Derwent Valley Community Strategic Plan, 'OUR VALLEY 2030', "You told us about what is great about the community and the valley in general, and also what can be done to work on a number of the challenges you identified."

    Talk about a demonstration for "great about the community & valley in general" the picture and the recognition of the quality truly incredible. One of the "challenges you identified" was about the branding of the valley. The presence of the Derwent Valley was a very good example of participation, quality & reliability. These sound like the attributes of a brand worth noting!