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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Junior cricketers off to promising start

Kobe Strong claimed four scalps in his first
game of the season for New Norfolk.

WITH three rounds of the Hurricanes Junior League played this season, much improvement has been seen on the field already.

New Norfolk has two teams in the Under-13 competition and they have already played off in a local derby in Round 1.

In one of the highlights so far, Kobe Strong took 3-7 off three overs and took a catch when he played for the New Norfolk Red Caps against New Norfolk Black.

After missing the first two matches due to an injury, fellow Red Caps player Zayne Field made an excellent 43 not out against Wellington on Sunday.

New Norfolk Red Caps 8/81 off 26 overs defeated New Norfolk Black 8/59 off 22 overs at Tynwald Park.
Red Caps Batting: Ruben Strong 17 retired not out, Logan Hunt 12, Noah Evans 5, Frankie Jones 4, Judah Topping 2, Bobby Nossiter 2; New Norfolk Black bowling: Oliver Rhodes 2-6 (2), Liam Maw 1-2 (3) and one runout, Tyler Benson 1-2 (2), Haiden Smith 1-2 (2), Connor Mayne 1-3 (3), Steel Quarrell 1-9 (3).
New Norfolk Black batting: Tyler Benson 12, Caleb Duckett 10, Connor Mayne 5, Liam Maw 4, Zavier Lowry 2 not out, Hamish Edwards 1.
New Norfolk Red Caps bowling: Kobe Strong 3-9 (3), Frankie Jones 2-1 (2), Judah Topping 1-1 (2), Ruben Strong 1-4 (2), Fearghus Joyce 1-9 (3).

Glenorchy White 2/48 off 11.4 overs defeated New Norfolk Black 8/47 off 21.5 overs at Abbotsfield Park.
New Norfolk - Batting: Tyler Benson 19, Connor Mayne 5, Riley Beverley 5, Hamish Edwards 3, Steel Quarrell 1; Bowling: Tyler Benson 1-6 (2), Callan Barry 1-8 (2).

St Anne's Crows 4d/204 off 27.3 overs defeated New Norfolk Red Caps 8/22 off 10.2 overs at Cadbury Oval No.1.
New Norfolk - Batting: Frankie Jones 2 not out, Logan Hunt 2, Noah Evans 2, Cooper Gleeson 1, Bobby Nossiter 1, Fearghus Joyce 1; Bowling: Logan Hunt 1-17 (3), Noah Evans 1-19 (3), Cooper Gleeson 1-22 (3), Chance Hyland 1-30 (3.3).

Zayne Field scored 43no for New Norfolk
in Round 3.
Wellington 8/140 off 30 overs defeated New Norfolk Red Caps 7/105 off 28.3 overs at Pontville Park, Thompson Oval.
New Norfolk - Batting: Zane Field 43 not out, Bobby Nossiter 10, Logan Hunt 7, Chance Hyland 7, Noah Evans 2, Cooper Gleeson 1; Bowling: Bobby Nossiter 2-3 (3), Judah Topping 2-21 (3), Cooper Gleeson 1-17 (3), Chance Hyland 1-24 (4).

New Town Bucks 2/84 off 19 overs defeated New Norfolk Black 8/23 off 15 overs at Tynwald Park.
New Norfolk - Batting: Oliver Rhodes 3, Liam Maw 3, Haiden Smith 2; Bowling: Steel Quarrell 1-13 (3).

Next Matches - Round 4, November 10
9am starts
New Norfolk Red Caps v Glenorchy Black at Cadbury No. 1 Oval (moved from Collinsvale Oval).
New Norfolk Black v University Red at Queenborough Sportsground, Oval No.2.

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