Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Farewell John Bradley

FORMER Derwent Valley Council accountant John Bradley died in Hobart at the weekend. Mr Bradley was a long-serving senior member of the council staff, often serving as acting general manager.

Although not a local resident, Mr Bradley was involved in community activities in the Derwent Valley. He acted as treasurer or auditor for a number of organisations and was associated with the Derwent Valley Lodge.

Mr Bradley died suddenly after being taken to hospital on Saturday. He is survived by three sons and a granddaughter and will be farewelled at a private family funeral.


  1. John is remembered by so many as a good man. His good reputation has survived through troubling times for he and his family. Some people in our community should hang their heads in shame.

  2. RIP John Bradley, a top bloke with a great sense of humour. So very good at his job. Shame to those in the Council who treated him so very shabbily.
    From an old workmate

  3. I had received word about Mr. Bradley passing away on the weekend from a person who was there for him. My personal relationship started out via asking questions & making submissions to Council. Never designed to catch anyone out purely motivated by how our money was being spent.

    His door was always open at times he really needed to point me in the right direction on a lot of things. He respected me & it truly was mutual. We would talk about stuff we share an interest in AFL football cards & the Melbourn Cup. In a word from my heart of heart kindness...will I miss him to be sure!!