Saturday, September 14, 2019

Have your say in recreation survey

THIS weekend is the last chance to take part in an online survey to help the Derwent Valley Council make decisions about recreational facilities in the municipality.

The council has engaged Melbourne-based @Leisure Planners to prepare a "Recreation, Play and Open Space Strategy" to set the direction it will follow in relation to recreation and open space for the next 10 years.

Mayor Ben Shaw says the strategy will provide direction in relation to specific issues such as the development of play spaces and open space across the council area, opportunities to increase participation and wellbeing for residents, and determine open space contributions in new residential developments.

"This strategy will guide council for the next 10 years and we are really pleased to be offering the community a say on how our future open spaces will look and what facilities they value the most," Cr Shaw said.

"It will help us to look at our parks, reserves and open spaces and determine the best fit for them, see where we need to spend money on infrastructure and what we need to do to provide the services we all expect."

The council is seeking input from residents, clubs, community groups, and users of public open space to help direct this strategy. Residents can visit the "Current Projects" page at for more information, leave a comment or complete an online survey. They can also visit the Derwent Valley Council Recreation Play and Open Space Strategy Facebook page to make a comment.

Click here to complete the survey, which closes tomorrow (Sunday).

1 comment:

  1. Always like to see "Have your say." Two very important ingrdients in this charged/empowering "Have your say" participation challenge. First "What's in it for me?" Not meant to be thought of as selfish or being mean but against the backdrop of the second "Competeing for my free labor."
    Once convinced of the first the effort to engage in the "Recreation, Play and Open Space Strategy" to set the direction it will follow in relation to recreation and open space for the next 10 years, can be realised.
    So much to learn from this exercise around the conversation about the role of & the importance of IT & the like to get the message out. "What's in it for me?" became the motivation to begin the exploration for the answer.

    Having mentioned that, the first question I have is did the New Norfolk News rec'v any information about this happening before this post? If so apolise for having missed it.
    After reading it here today I did get onto to it, a visit to the web site missed my opportunity closed on the 8th. Must compliment the web. page the look & feel very profesional /user friendly. Always like the Monkey survey stuff but missed I'm reading this today (Monday). There is still a chance to participate on FB. Sure sounds like they scored on the competeing for free labor.

    Back to learning from the exercise to me the data collected is so very important hard to manage with out the measuements ( feedback etc.). Takeaway message will be the data on the evaluation of delivering the message/story strategy, used for this, another "Have your say!"