Friday, September 13, 2019

Council responsibilities reshuffled

Cr Natasha Woods attending her first council
meeting in July. She was sworn-in privately
a week earlier.
THE Derwent Valley Council has done a reshuffle of its councillor responsibilities following the recent resignation of Anne Salt and the election of Natasha Woods to take her place.

Councillors also resolved to review the purpose and terms of reference of its various Special Committees by the end of the 2019/20 financial year in line with the recommendations of the council's Strategic Plan.

In a written report to last month's council meeting, governance and information co-ordinator Amanda McCall said Cr Salt's resignation had made it necessary to reappoint representatives of the council as delegates to Special Committees, Community Committees, Joint Authorities and Statutory Bodies. This was last done following the 2018 council election.

Ms McCall also noted that outdated terms-of-reference and a lack of clarity for volunteers on Special Committees exposed the council to unnecessary risk.

Councillor Julie Triffett remains the councillor with the heaviest workload, increasing from 10 committees to 13. There was no change to mayor Ben Shaw's responsibilities, with him retaining the same seven portfolios he was allocated last November. Cr Paul Belcher added the Friends of Frescati, taking his own tally to four committees.

Cr Rachel Power stepped down from all three of her committees (Friends of Willow Court, Friends of Frescati and the Maydena Community Association) and took on three new ones. Deputy mayor Jessica Cosgrove retained the three committee roles she was assigned last November.

Cr Luke Browning retained his two committees and newcomer Cr Natasha Woods took on two, while Cr Martyn Evans now has only one responsibility, the Derwent Catchment Project.


Cr Julie Triffett: Access Advisory Committee, Boyer Oval Management Committee, Environmental Management Committee, Historical Information Centre, New Norfolk Swimming Pool Committee, Tidy Towns Committee, Tynwald Park Development Committee, Southern Waste Strategy Authority, Australia Day Committee, Community Grants Committee, Derwent Valley Council Audit Panel, Derwent Valley Visitor Information Centre, and the Maydena Community Association, plus two proxy roles.

Cr Ben Shaw: Economic Development and Growth Special Committee, Molesworth Recreation Reserve, Local Government Association of Tasmania, Southern Tasmanian Council Authority, TasWater, Australia Day Committee and the Community Grants Committee, plus six proxy roles.

Cr Paul Belcher: Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool, Friends of Frescati, Community Grants Committee and the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival.

Cr Jessica Cosgrove: Southern Tasmanian Council Authority, Australia Day Committee and the Derwent Valley Emergency Planning Committee, plus five proxy roles.

Cr Rachel Power: Economic Development and Growth Special Committee, New Norfolk Business Alliance and the Derwent Catchment Project, plus six proxy roles.

Cr Luke Browning: Community Grants Committee and the Derwent Valley Council Audit Panel, plus three proxy roles.

Cr Natasha Woods: Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D’FAT) and the Friends of Willow Court Special Committee.

Cr Martyn Evans: Derwent Estuary Program, plus four proxy roles.

*List subject to confirmation at the September council meeting.

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  1. On November 21st. 2013 the Derwent Valley Council carried this motion, moved by Cr. Lester & seconed by Cr.Bester "That Council advise the Minister for the Local Government Board that the number of councillors for the Derwent Valley remain at nine (9). " At the time I thought how interesting is that it was carried by only 6 elected memebers present. It is safe to say that the workload associated/created by the Special Committee/Community Committes of Council system would increase.

    Therefore Council's recommandation was not accepted and now we have eight (8). "The Derwent Valley Council has done a reshuffle of its councillor responsibilities" redistribution is what comes with the commitment to serve as a Councillor. The opportunity as delegates to work with & socialise with the volunteers is an honour & a priveledge. Council also has to delegate its resposibilities to a Councillor as a member of the Joint Authorities and Statutory Bodies. There are five mentioned (5) of these mentioned in the story.

    There are three observations that have caught my attention the first is that the document to be table at the council meeting for consideration will have to be ammended to not include the "Southern Waste Strategy Authority." Interesting to note the weighting of the reshuffle/redistribution amoung the new councillors as compared to the returned councillors. I'm choosing too highlight two important developments the first being the return of Crl. Triffet to the Derwent Valley Audit Panel & the new role for the Mayor in LGAT.