Saturday, August 17, 2019

Sewage spill closes community garden

One of the signs warning of a sewage spill near the Lachlan
Creek in New Norfolk.
THE Derwent Valley Community Garden is temporarily closed due to a sewage spill in the area near Lachlan Creek at Willow Court in New Norfolk.

Signs were erected this afternoon, warning against any contact with contaminated water at the garden.

The garden, on riverflats off The Avenue at Willow Court, is a project of the Derwent Valley Community House, providing an opportunity for people to grow their own vegetables or to pick and purchase produce from the garden.

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A spokesman for the Community House said a small part of the garden had been affected by contaminated water and as a result the garden was temporarily closed.

TasWater's warning signs in the area say that a sewer spill has occurred and people should avoid any contact with the water lying on the ground in the area. New Norfolk's Bicentennial Walking Track passes through this area.

More information is being sought by the Derwent Valley Council and the Derwent Valley Community House. At the time of writing TasWater has not published any advice about this incident on its website.

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  1. What an awful thing to happen - where on earth did this come from? Also are the rumours that the Community Garden is going to cease operating because of the lack of support and also that Workskills are leaving the town?