Wednesday, August 28, 2019

"Exciting time" to join the council

THE Derwent Valley Council is seeking a deputy general manager to help fill the shoes of general manager Greg Winton who has said he will retire next year.

In a statement dated yesterday but issued today, the council says it is about to start advertising for a deputy general manager to join its senior management team. Mayor Ben Shaw says it is an exciting time to be joining the council.

The council says the deputy general manager role has been designed to replace the previous corporate and community services executive manager as well as creating a succession plan for general manager Greg Winton.

"Mr Winton has been discussing this role since March with the elected members and council’s HR partner, and feels this is the right strategic move to make as it is his intention to retire in 2020," the statement said.

Mayor Ben Shaw says he is positive about the council’s ability to attract the right person, with the area entering into a period of growth and investment on several fronts. “With the commitment of funds in the recent budget to upgrade our infrastructure and open spaces, along with the considerable investment in the Valley in terms of tourism, it really is an exciting time to be joining Derwent Valley Council," Cr Shaw said.

"It’s a great opportunity for us as a Council as well, and will allow us to build a relationship with the incoming person, while having the benefit of the current general manager’s experience, skills and guidance.”

The council has not had a deputy general manager since 2012. Since then various senior staff have been designated to fill the role as required.


  1. Would be an ideal time to replace a number of overpaid staff but wouldn't it be an excellent time to amalgamate and get rid of the darned councillors as well

  2. I was under the impression that one of the directions of th 2017 Local Government Report into this Council, they were instructed to employ a deputy GM. It's taken 2 years for them to advertise the position. Where is the Minister and the Director of Local Government. Great enforcement of the report

  3. 'Where is the Minister...a good question! Putting this in perspective one of the other directions was that Council was to comply to the directives received by replying quartly reporting how Council was traveling. To my knowledge Council did not receive any feedback. So heres the thing "Does Council still need to report on the progress?... if so...then this item is a big tick! Good news in that part of the 'YES' minister.