Monday, July 15, 2019

Weekend footy scores

New Norfolk seniors: Bye
New Norfolk reserves: Bye

WOMEN: New Norfolk played The Port (Cygnet) at Boyer Oval at noon on Saturday
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
The Port  1.4-10 5.8-38 10.9-69 12.12-84
New Norfolk - Best Players: M. Visser, C. Percey, B. Franklin, S. Cantrell, N. McKenzie, K. Slater.
The Port - Goal Kickers: E. Direen 4, S. Fox 3, A. Munnings, H. Cowmeadow, S. Brouwer, M. Eaves, C. Coad; Best Players: T. Dillon, S. Fox, E. Duggan, M. Eaves, S. Kluga, B. Griggs.

COLTS: New Norfolk played Southern Storm at Boyer Oval at 10am on Saturday
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1-1
Southern Storm 6.4-40 8.8-56 10.10-70 15.17-107
New Norfolk - Best: Not supplied.
Southern Storm - Goals: C. Soward 4, L. Paton 3, J. Zeitzen 2, E. Lovell 2, M. Bastick, E. Cowen, N. Clifford, B. Sculthorpe; Best: R. Scotland, L. Paton, C. Soward, M. Bastick, N. Clifford, B. Sculthorpe.

NEXT GAMES - Boyer Oval, July 20
SENIORS: New Norfolk v Huonville, 2.30pm
RESERVES: New Norfolk v Huonville, 12.30pm
COLTS: New Norfolk v Huonville, 10.30am
WOMEN: New Norfolk v University, 9am

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