Wednesday, July 3, 2019

GM stands aside for investigation

DERWENT Valley Council general manager Greg Winton will step aside during an investigation into the deaths of birdlife at New Norfolk last weekend, the council announced this morning.

The announcement issued by communications officer Daniel Cheetham follows a lengthy private meeting of councillors last night. 

Mr Winton made no reference to stepping aside when he issued his own statement last night, but his name appears as the officer approving the release of today’s statement which quotes mayor Ben Shaw.

“Yesterday, the General Manager authorised the 
commissioning of an independent review of the decisions that led to the geese and ducks being culled at Tynwald Park with the findings to be presented to council,” Cr Shaw said in the statement.

“The General Manager has informed me that until the report is presented to the elected council, he will be stepping aside to reduce suggestions of conflict of interest or undue influence being made,” he said.

“I will be appointing an acting General Manager in the coming days. I would hope that this report will be completed by the end of the month.

“Neither I, nor Council will be making any further comment on this matter until the report is complete and the findings are known.”


  1. Let's hope all those involved show some integrity and fortitude.. Usually sorely lacking within the ranks of DVC elected members But one can only hope

  2. What a joke! Who needs tv or the internet when we have the DVC to entertain.
    Poor birds!