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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Council's "sensible budget"


Derwent Valley Council releases "sensible" budget

Derwent Valley Council have approved their 2019/2020 budget, labelling it as "sensible, but future focussed".

Mayor Ben Shaw has said “I’m happy with the budget the Council has handed down tonight. We’re including something for everyone. We’ve balanced the need to address our ageing infrastructure with a focus on investing for the future.

"We’re looking after our families with increased funding for open spaces and playgrounds across the valley and investing in our community with the Westerway Hall upgrade. We’re delivering the long overdue Glenora Rd upgrade, and funding the Britten St bus route upgrade along with Stage 1 works to Molesworth Rd.”

This budget will deliver $10.31 million to be spent on infrastructure and capital works. This comprises an investment of $2.5m in Glenora Rd with a further $2.72m being spent on council’s Roads and Bridges program, including Wyre Forest Creek and Plenty Valley Rd bridge upgrades.

The budget also includes funding for the Derwent Valley branding project, development of the Derwent Valley Youth and Family Strategy, and sets money aside for the rehabilitation of the Peppermint Hill Landfill site and an Integrated Business System for Council.

“Understanding the current financial situation of residents across the municipality, we’ve approved a 3.95% increase to rates. This has been partially offset by reducing the waste management charge from $85 down to $55, to help minimise the impact to residents. The tip coupon process has also been simplified, and will allow for greater amounts of waste per coupon. Even with the modest increase we’ve landed on, this will be our biggest spend on major projects we’ve ever done in a single year.”

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