Sunday, June 16, 2019

New Norfolk golf results

Foggy conditions at the golf club.

Saturday 15/6/2019 Stroke:
A Grade gross: L. Post 71, G. Heron 80, B. Watt 83; Nett: A. Lowe 79-8-71, D. Stevenson 78-6-72, J. Wilton 82-9-73.

B Grade gross: M. Tangata 80, A. Richardson 84 c/b, S. Ackerly 84; Nett: G. Hack 77-13-64, A. Watts 84-17-67, D. Post 67-17-69.

C Grade gross: B. Coy 85, D. page 87, L. Dittman 88; Nett: M. Gibson 94-30-64, T. Banks 87-20-67 c/b, B. Hall 88-21-67.
Nearest-the-pin: 3rd B. Loster, 6/15th K, Horne, 8/17th J. Wilton, 11th I. Holthouse. Superpin: J. Wilton

Wednesday 12/6/19 Stableford:
18 hole: A. Bewley 43, J. Hastie 40, K. Metcalfe 37 c/b, R. Rainbird 37, G. Hack. Birdie draw: T. Hardwick.
9 hole: K. Metcalf 20 c/b, B. Crowley 20, G. Hack 19 c/b, G.  Smith 19, A. Bewley 18 c/b. Birdie draw: D. Page.

Anyone interested in joining the New Norfolk Golf Club as a playing member (there are clubs and buggies for hire), as a social member, or looking for a function venue, is welcome to contact the club for further information:
1 Howell Drive, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Phone: (03) 6261 2653
The club is available for hire for weddings, private functions etc.  The venue cost is free for a function of more than 40.

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