Saturday, May 4, 2019

We did but see Targa passing by

Classic Holdens and Fords were among the many cars on show
when Targa Tasmania had its Day 5 lunchbreak at New Norfolk.
ABOUT 300 cars participating in this year's Targa Tasmania had a lunchtime stop at New Norfolk yesterday but there were few people there to see them at the Derwent Valley PCYC.

With very little publicity, only diehard Targa fans and friends and relatives of the competitors were on hand to welcome the fleet as it arrived from the West Coast.

There was no mention of the opportunity on the PCYC's Facebook page, which instead asked its users to park at the side of the building as the main car park would be in use. The council did not mention it and there was nothing in the Gazette.

A quick tidy-up for this Falcon before
it was back on the road.
The small number of observers was kept well informed by an official announcer and after their lunchbreak the crews set off for the competitive stage at Molesworth.

Meanwhile, some were wondering why the once-popular event was ever moved from the town centre, where big numbers used to look over the cars while the drivers and navigators had their lunch.

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The 1979 Holden Commodore of Mick Downey and Nicholas
Browne on the hairpin bend on the Molesworth Targa stage.

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  1. Very sad there was no publicity - seems Mt Arrowsmith is the last section for publicity. Even the ABC Targa commentator Ian Chesterman failed to mention either New Norfolk or Molesworth - very poor. It should also be noted that the Molesworth course went past the primary school on a school day and arrangements had to be made for its start relocated past the school - surely that is newsworthy in itself. The new DV Gazette is quite out of touch apparently.