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Saturday, April 13, 2019

SFL Round 2: New Norfolk match results


Hobart 2.1-13 6.7-43 7.8-50 11.10-76
New Norfolk 6.2-38 8.3-51 11.5-71 13.9-87
Hobart Goal Kickers: D. Huxley 4, T. Lewinski 2, H. Triffett, L. Plummer, C. Dickens, T. Etchell, M. Cripps; Best Players: B. Mabon, A. Evans, Z. Awde, M. Young, J. Pulford, D. Huxley.
New Norfolk - Goals: M. Parker 5, J. Hills 2, J. County 2, J. Bearman, R. Franklin, D. Coppleman, B. Lovell; Best: M. Parker, R. Thomason, J. Hills, B. Lovell, J. Daley, J. Wigg.

Hobart 3.6-24 6.7-43 8.13-61 12.16-88
New Norfolk 2.2-14 6.4-40 7.6-48 8.9-57
Hobart - Goals: J. Webster 3, C. Thongnoppakun 3, J. Dykes 2, J. Barrett, B. Goninon, J. Baker, M. Van Engen; Best: C. Gough, J. Dykes, C. Thongnoppakun, J. Harvey, J. Munting, A. Beswick.
New Norfolk - Goals: B. Ransley 3, C. Ransley 2, L. Nichols, J. Campbell, A. Burgess; Best: B. Ransley, J. Foster, C. Balmer, L. Nichols, C. Ransley, A. Burgess.

Hobart 4.2-26 7.7-49 12.10-82 17.13-115
New Norfolk 0.1-1 2.2-14 2.3-15 2.6-18
Hobart - Goals: B. Daniels 3, K. Wright 3, D. Mcevoy 2, T. Gamble 2, K. Buck, T. Styles, J. Mcdonald, J. King, T. Beswick, Z. Barwick, T. Raspin; Best: S. Clark, B. Daniels, J. King, T. Gamble, J. Mcdonald , B. Murray.
New Norfolk - Goals: B. Howlett, C. Triffett; Best: C. Triffett, C. Keleher, H. Davis, J. Miller, Z. Holloway, S. Holloway.

Hobart 2.3-15 5.5-35 5.8-38 6.9-45
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Hobart - Goals: E. Warn 3, F. Langford 2, L. Smith; Best: A. McHenry, L. Smith, D. Woolley, E. Stevenson, E. Warn, F. Langford.

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