Monday, March 4, 2019

Reader's letter: council conduct

Letter to the Editor

Duct & Weave

I truly recommend that ratepayers attend as many council meetings and workshops as possible. It is hard to express the feeling in writing that a person gets when they are part of history in the making.

The meeting on the 22nd of February 2019 was a brilliant example of history repeating itself. The issue of Council adopting a "Code of Conduct" was on the table.

I'm reminded of "What goes round..." and for us there at the meeting we witness that. There were four councillors present that are part of "what goes round" and three new councillors that will be part of the new history going forward.

Since the issue was deferred the only breach of the code would be not accepting/adopting it yet. Therefore there is a mighty fine line for councillors to conduct business with everyday people, in everyday situations.

Respectfully submitted,
James Graham
New Norfolk


  1. You cannot attend workshops.. Current Mayor Ben Shaw motioned for the public to be excluded from those Months ago. Which way did you vote? ;)

    1. In recent times the mayor has been referring to the new public forums as "workshops", particularly in relation to his new rules of public conduct at "meetings and workshops".
      Mr Graham was one of two councillors who voted against the exclusion of the public from the old-style council workshops last year.