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Friday, February 1, 2019

Bushfire-related quick links for Friday

Fire Danger Rating - February 1: High for the Upper Derwent Valley.  Fire weather forecast.

Maydena/Tyenna/National Park warnings:  Click for updates.

Strathgordon warnings: Click for updates.

Central Plateau warnings:  Click for updates.

Huon Valley warnings: 
Click for updates.

Tasmania Fire Service alerts and incidents: Click for updates.

Weather warnings: Click for updates.

Local road closures: Clearhill Rd, Dawsons Rd, Florentine Rd, Lake Dobson Rd, Morley Track, Mt Wedge Track, Mueller Rd, Plenty Link Rd, Sawback Track, Scotts Peak Rd, Styx Rd. Gordon River Rd is closed between Styx River Rd and Wedge Lookout Rd. also, Bashan Rd from Victoria Valley Rd through to Waddamana Rd intersection; Highland Lakes Rd between Marlborough Rd and Headlam Rd (Reynolds Neck); Highland Lakes Rd between the Arthurs Lake turnoff and Bothwell; Highland Lakes Rd between Nant Lane and Interlaken; Interlaken Road from Steppes to Denistoun Rd; Interlaken Rd; Lake Augusta Rd; Little Pine Lagoon has been evacuated; Marlborough Rd between the Lyell Hwy and Highland Lakes Rd; Tunbridge Tier Rd from Tunbridge to Interlaken; Victoria Valley Rd from Ouse to Bashan Rd; Waddamana Rd from Highlands Lakes Rd.  Click for updates and the full statewide list.

Mt Field National Park: Closed today. Click for updates.

Junee Cave State Reserve and Marriott Falls State Reserve: Closed until further notice.

Derwent Valley Council tip sites: Open. Click for updates.

Maydena Bike Park: Closed today, open Saturday. Click for updates.

Local schools closed today: Westerway

The Mercury's rolling coverage: Click to read.

Local weather forecasts:

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