Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fire Ban and bushfire situation quick links

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Total Fire Ban - January 24-28: Media Release.

Maydena/Tyenna/National Park warnings:  Click for updates.

Central Plateau warnings:  Click for updates.

Tasmania Fire Service alerts and incidents: Click for updates.

Weather warnings: Click for updates.

Road closures: Clearhill Rd, Dawson Rd, Florentine Rd, Lake Dobson Rd, Morley Track, Mueller Rd, Plenty Link Rd, Sawback Track, Scotts Peak Rd, Styx Rd. Also Lake Augusta Rd, Little Pine Lagoon, Marlborough Rd between Highland Lakes Rd and Bronte Park, Waddamana Rd from Highlands Lakes Rd, and from the intersection of Bashan Rd and Waddamana Rd headed north. Click for updates.

Mt Field National Park: Open today. Closed Friday. Click for updates.

New Norfolk tip site: Closed due to total fire ban. Click for updates.

Maydena Bike Park: Open today. Tracks closed Friday but cafe is open. Click for updates.

The Mercury's rolling coverage: Click to read.

Local weather forecasts:

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