Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mayor's statement on distillery approval process

THIS is the unedited* text of Derwent Valley mayor Ben Shaw's Facebook post, published yesterday in relation to Thursday night's council meeting.

"So we had a council meeting last night.
For the main it all went as normal and pretty much to schedule.
We did have the very important and very topical DA of the first stage of the potential New Norfolk Rum Distillery.
It’s been reported today and lots of commentary around this DA not being voted on as a failing of this council.
Let’s get some facts and not sensationalise the issue.
We currently have 1 councillor, Cr Belcher on approved leave,
Last night we had another, Cr Browning who unfortunately was sick and called in a few hours before the meeting that he wasn’t attending.
Then when it got to the vote on the DA we had. 2 councillors, Cr Salt and Cr Power declare conflicts of interest in the Application. (Which should be done if there is any thought of conflict)
This then amounts to not having enough councillors to form an official quorum to vote.. these are the rules , not something made up it’s just the rules...
Working on this today the proponent has given council a few more weeks to decide on the DA and subsequently this would result in a special meeting to deal with this Application.
So if you have all the correct facts I think you can see it’s an Unfortunate circumstance that all interested parties would be disappointed in.
However any suggestions that this was a failing of our council is just wrong and scaremongering from people who have other reasons to bag council out.
Any questions regarding this please contact me anytime I’m more than happy to give you the facts.
Have a great weekend."

*This is the second version of the statement after the mayor's own editing of the first version.

Council gets a fortnight to decide on distillery

Part of the audience at Thursday's council meeting.
THE Derwent Valley Council has been granted a two week extension to deal with the development application for a rum distillery at Willow Court in New Norfolk.

The application was to have been decided on at last Thursday night's council meeting but there were insufficient councillors present to hear the matter.

New Norfolk Distillery director Tarrant Derksen yesterday said it was unfortunate that the council was unable to vote on the matter due to the lack of a quorum. With two councillors absent and two out of the room after declaring a conflict of interest, there were only four elected members at the table, one short of the required five.

General manager Greg Winton told the meeting that council officers would contact the developers to seek an extension of time. In a statement yesterday, Mr Derksen said the extension had been granted.

"To ensure transparency and full community confidence in our proposal, we have granted the council a two week extension to allow them to hold a special meeting to vote on the New Norfolk Distillery DA,” Mr Derksen said. “We look forward to council further considering our Development Application at the special meeting.”

Mr Derksen said the proposed distillery and cellar door would provide a significant boost to the local economy, job creation and tourism in the Derwent Valley, including Tasmania’s first rum-focused distillery in over 150 years.

“The buildings located in the Willow Court precinct are in desperate need of revitalisation and we are working with local award-winning architect studio Room 11 to ensure the plant respects the significance of the site,” he said.

“It is our hope that the adaptive re-use of these buildings will ensure they are a beacon of light in the community and one that attracts more visitors and jobs, while showcasing all the region has to offer. The local community is really rallying around what we have proposed, and we are grateful for the support. It’s our wish for the New Norfolk Distillery to be a part of the fabric of the town like Willow Court was in the past and to be synonymous with New Norfolk and the Derwent Valley.

“The plans we have presented to council have been through a rigorous process with the Tasmanian Heritage Council, the Derwent Valley Council’s heritage adviser and our own heritage adviser all contributing and assessing the first stage of our proposal. We are very happy with the outcome and input from each party.”

Posting on Facebook yesterday, Derwent Valley mayor Ben Shaw said the council's inability to vote on the development application should not be construed as a failing of the council. He said the temporary lack of a quorum was an "unfortunate circumstance that all interested parties would be disappointed in. However any suggestions that this was a failing of our council is just wrong and scaremongering from people who have other reasons to bag council out."

Cr Shaw's Facebook post was shared by deputy mayor Jessica Cosgrove and Cr Rachel Power on their own councillor Facebook pages. After adding a comment to Cr Shaw's post, Cr Power was asked about her decision to exclude herself from voting on the distillery. Cr Power replied that she had sent a private message to the questioner. "I'm also happy to answer anyone else as to my process of thought behind my well considered actions. I would rather not post it here, as if comment is needed for media I will provide direct, rather than the current practice of Facebook journalism."

An hour later, Cr Power posted that comments on her Facebook page were her personal opinion unless otherwise stated and she permitted their sharing "in their entirety within Facebook" but "for all other use, quotes or comment for media please contact me via email for consent prior to use," citing what she described as the law of Creative Commons.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Willow Court distillery project hits a hurdle

Five councillors at the table at the start of last night's meeting.
Another councillor arrived after this photo was taken.
A LACK of councillors prevented consideration of a rum distillery project at last night's Derwent Valley Council meeting.

Meeting at Lachlan, the council found itself without the necessary numbers to decide on the distillery proposed for the Willow Court historic site.

Planning officer Linda Graham had recommended conditional approval of the first stage of the New Norfolk Distillery proposal, which would see a 300L still installed in a section of the former Alonnah House/Ward A, along with a sales area and tasting bar.

Part of the audience at the meeting.
But with Cr Luke Browning ill and Cr Paul Belcher on leave, and councillors Anne Salt and Rachel Power leaving the room after declaring conflicts of interest in the project, the council was temporarily without a quorum.

General manager Greg Winton said the council, acting as a planning authority, needed five councillors in the room to be able to consider the item.

He said council officers would now ask the developers, local firm Crusader Homes, for an extension of time to allow the matter to be deferred to next month's meeting. Without that consent, the Land Use Planning Act would deem the application to have been refused, he said.

The depleted public gallery after the
distillery agenda item was abandoned.
Mayor Ben Shaw apologised to the large crowd present, acknowledging that most of them were there to hear the distillery discussion.

The planner’s report noted that during the period of public comment, 54 objections had been received and 31 letters of support. The distillery is proposed to be established adjacent to the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Frost warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the Upper Derwent Valley forecast district

Issued at 3:55pm on Thursday 16 May 2019.

Frosts with temperatures down to -1 degrees are forecast for Friday morning in parts of the Upper Derwent Valley forecast district.

Please be aware 
Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Councillor attendance questioned

Wayne Shoobridge.
A REQUEST for councillor attendance records to be published each month is yet to be formally considered, despite being raised during public question time at the last two meetings of the Derwent Valley Council.

The agenda documents for this Thursday night's council meeting state that the matter was discussed at a closed councillor workshop last month, but no outcome was recorded.

During question time at the March meeting, businessman and former councillor Wayne Shoobridge noted that the council had paid for elected members to attend Planning Authority Training on February 23 and asked how many had attended. It emerged that the council had paid for training for five people but two did not attend.

Mr Shoobridge followed-up by asking the general manager if he would publish in each month's agenda document a complete attendance record for each councillor in regard to committee meetings, workshops, council meetings, special meetings and training provided, whether they attended or not. "This is being done by other councils," he said.

General manager Greg Winton said he would have a discussion with councillors about the matter. "You may be aware that we've got some summaries that go in the annual report but the level of detail perhaps that you are after is not contained in the annual report," he said.

Mr Shoobridge said the reason for his request was twofold. "One, it would appear that some councillors are not attending things that they should be, and two, if you have a look at the agenda tonight and have a look at what councillors have given their report, there's a hell of a lot of councillors in there that didn't give one and I think the public are entitled to know what their councillors are doing."

Mr Winton said the monthly council agenda provided the opportunity for councillors to report on their activities but doing so was a decision for the individual councillors. "The broader question will be determined by the council. We can't obviously do that tonight but I'll have that conversation with the councillors, Mr Shoobridge."

Mr Shoobridge asked if the proposal would be put to the next meeting as a motion but the question went unanswered. He raised the matter again at the April council meeting and was told by mayor Ben Shaw that councillors would discuss it.

"We can certainly talk about it as a council group, maybe at a workshop, and if one of the councillors wants to put a motion or the general manager wants to put a motion... we do have councillor communications [in the agenda]..." Cr Shaw said, before he was interrupted by Mr Shoobridge saying the present set-up was not compulsory.

Cr Shaw: "So, we'll discuss it with the councillors and if they want to..."
Mr Shoobridge: "Well, [it's] not up to councillors, I think it should be compulsory."
Cr Shaw: "OK, that's fine, councillors can discuss it and then, uh, yep. Thank you. Cheers. And I'll ask the general manager to write back to you about (inaudible)."

Since the present council was elected last October, only councillors Luke Browning and Julie Triffett have had perfect attendance at open council meetings. Councillors Ben Shaw and Paul Belcher have missed two each, while Crs Martyn Evans, Rachel Power and Anne Salt have missed one each. Additionally, Cr Salt was absent from November's ceremonial swearing-in, and Cr Evans did not attend the annual general meeting in December.

Under the present system of reporting, councillors who have attended official functions or meetings on behalf of the council in their official role as a councillor in any given month, may provide the details for inclusion in the next council agenda. This system is voluntary and the first meeting of the new council received only two councillor reports, dropping to one for the second meeting. Three councillors reported in January, two each in February, March and April, while the May meeting this Thursday will receive three.

Individual tallies for councillor reports submitted to the first six meetings since the October 2018 election are as follows (lack of a report does not suggest that a councillor has been inactive, merely that they have not submitted their "councillor communication"):

  • Cr Ben Shaw (mayor): 0
  • Cr Jessica Cosgrove (deputy mayor): 1
  • Cr Paul Belcher: 0
  • Cr Luke Browning: 0
  • Cr Martyn Evans: 0
  • Cr Rachel Power: 1
  • Cr Anne Salt: 5
  • Cr Julie Triffett: 5

Local production returns this weekend

Click image to enlarge. Tickets at the door and Eventbrite.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Council to meet at Lachlan

THE Derwent Valley Council will travel to Lachlan for its monthly meeting this Thursday evening. This will start with a public forum at 5.30pm, followed by the council meeting at 6pm. The venue will be the Lachlan Community Hall.

Items for debate include the conditional approval of the first stage of the New Norfolk Distillery proposal and a dolomite quarry near Maydena. The council will also hold a closed meeting to discuss several items including the Derwent Valley community brand and identity.

The agenda documents for the open section of the meeting can be viewed at the council chambers in New Norfolk or on the council website.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

SFL Round 6: New Norfolk match results


New Norfolk 3.5 (23) 3.6 (24) 6.8 (44) 10.9 (69)
Dodges Ferry 3.0 (18) 9.3 (57) 9.6 (60) 12.9 (81)

New Norfolk - Goal Kickers: M. Parker 3, J. Clifford, D. Coppleman, J. County, Z. Slater, R. Franklin, C. Morgan, T. Eiszele; Best Players: B. Wardlaw, Z. Slater, J. Wigg, D. Coppleman, J. Daley, J. Banks-Smith.
Dodges Ferry - Goals: C. Hooker 5, E. Stanley 2, A. Kenny, T. Kelly, R. Hooker, A. Addicoat, S. Kennedy; Best: J. Murphy, D. Hunt, C. Hooker, J. Taylor-Evans, R. Hooker, J. Young.

New Norfolk 2.1 (13) 2.1 (13) 4.1 (25) 4.2 (26)
Dodges Ferry 1.3 (9) 4.5 (29) 6.6 (42) 7.8 (50)
New Norfolk - Goals: B. Ransley 2, R. Graham, A. Burgess; Best: T. Bligh, M. Jones, J. Walsh, D. Morgan, B. Ransley, M. Murray.
Dodges Ferry - Goals: P. Allison 3, T. Howells 2, L. Edwards 2; Best: G. Morgan, B. Morrisby, Z. Priest, K. Frerk, M. Zurbo, H. Davis.

New Norfolk 0.6 (6) 3.7 (25) 3.11 (29) 4.12 (36)
Dodges Ferry 0.3 (3) 2.3 (15) 4.5 (29) 7.9 (51)
New Norfolk - Goals: T. Rainbird 3, J. Miller; Best: C. Keleher, T. Scanlon, H. Davis, T. Rainbird, J. Triffett, J. George.
Dodges Ferry - Goals: J. Arnold, N. Lennox, I. Enslow, S. Hallam, A. Omond, J. Reynolds; Best: D. Edwards, C. Apted, S. Hallam, S. Donaldson, S. Fazackerley, W. Mills.

Gretna Cricket Club celebrates the seaoon

Gretna Cricket Club life members, back from left: Peter Rainbird,
Ben Rainbird, Mathew Burns, Michael Browning and Joey Hack.
Front: Paul Jarvis, Micky Rainbird, Wade Gleeson.
THE New Norfolk Golf Club was the new venue for Gretna Cricket Club's annual dinner and trophy presentations night recently. The evening was a successful one with some 70 players, members, sponsors and trophy donors in attendance.

After an outstanding season with Gretna I, Craig Cunningham took home four awards. This summer saw him take 38 wickets at an average of just 9.26 with best figures of 7/19. The all rounder also made 319 runs with a top score of 56.

For Gretna II, Jake Campbell went home with three trophies  including the award for the best player voted by his team mates. Campbell led the way with the ball taking 14 wickets at an average of 20.71.

Zac Crosswell took home the best Under 21 trophy for the third time in the past four seasons, while Mathew Burns was presented with a trophy for his outstanding achievement on playing 400 games.

The following players reached various milestones during the season - club games played: Ross Langford 100, Rhys Browning 150, Aaron Maddox 150, Adam Browning 150, Jackson Ackerly 200, Ben Rainbird 350, Mathew Burns 400; games played for Gretna I: Zac Crosswell 50, Craig Cunningham 200, Corey Ransley 200; games played for Gretna II: Jordan Hastie 100.

Well done to Gretna I captain Ben Rainbird whose side was runner-up in second grade and to Gretna II Jordan Hastie for his work with his young team in fourth grade. Thanks also to Colin Cunningham for his coaching throughout the season.

Life members in attendance were: Peter Rainbird, Joey Hack, Michael Browning, Paul Jarvis, Micky Rainbird, Mathew Burns and Ben Rainbird. Among the special guests were Derwent Valley mayor Ben Shaw and wife Jackie and the MLC for Derwent, Craig Farrell and his wife Lee.

At the conclusion of the trophy presentations, life membership was bestowed on Wade Gleeson who has been involved with the club since the 2001/02 season. During that time he has been secretary for 10 years, junior development officer for seven years and is currently the sponsorship officer. He has also had a keen interest with the club’s history and statistics. Gleeson is the club's 20th life member.

Due to the St Mary’s Parish Hall at Gretna being sold, the presentation night needed a new venue and the New Norfolk Golf Club fitted the bill perfectly. The old hall was a very big part of the Gretna Cricket Club 's culture for many decades. The club thanks the golf club for its hospitality and also thanks Chloe Gleeson for her efforts in decorating the venue in the club colours of green and gold, helping to set the scene for a great night.

Appreciation was also expressed for the support of sponsors State-Wide Earthworks, Banjos Bakery Cafe New Norfolk, Gretna Green Hotel, the Bush Inn Hotel, DC Plant Hire, Derwent Valley Glass, P&S Painting, R.E. Clark and Son Butcher, and Gilbert Automotive.

Also deserving of recognition are club president Peter Rainbird, secretary Rhys Browning and treasurer Todd Jarvis. Lastly, our writer did not know what was more entertaining during the night:  Jason “Dasha” Daniels wearing the varnish off the dance floor, or the trip home with him in the back of Corey Ransley's Hilux. See you all next season.

Batting average: Aaron Maddox 40.80; Aggregate: Rhys Browning 332 runs; Bowling average: Craig Cunningham, 9.26; Aggregate: Craig Cunningham 38 wickets; Most catches: Corey Ransley 10; Geoff Jarvis Memorial Trophy (best all-rounder): Craig Cunningham, 101.60 points; Players award: Craig Cunningham, 21 votes; Runners up: Corey Ransley and Mathew Burns 12 votes each; Best in finals: Ben Rainbird 25.9 points.

Batting average: Ross Langford 22.71; Aggregate: Jordan Hastie 204 runs; Bowling average: Jake Campbell 20.71; Aggregate: Jake Campbell 14 wickets; Most catches: Josh Whitford 7; Best all-rounder: Josh Whitford 42 points; Players award: Jake Campbell 13 votes; Runner up: Jordan Hastie 9 votes.

Cecil Gray Memorial Trophy (best under 21): Zac Crosswell 47 points; 400 Games: Mathew Burns; Captains Trophy: Zac Webb; Best Clubman: Jamie Duggan; Duck Trophy: Zac Webb and Steven Medhurst 6 each; Life membership: Wade Gleeson.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Gloaming roams New Norfolk

SCENES for a new crime drama series are presently being filmed in New Norfolk, with a production base established at the football clubrooms in Back River Rd. Eight-part crime drama series The Gloaming is described as the largest screen production undertaken in the state.

The State Government is contributing $1 million to the series, which is the latest creation of Tasmanian producer and writer Vicki Madden, of The Kettering Incident fame. The show, which began filming in the last week of March, will be shot entirely in Tasmania, with more than $7.5 million being spent on local goods and services, including accommodation, catering and transport.

Largely based in Hobart, the production will showcase the capital city, with locations such as Mt Wellington and the River Derwent forming the backdrop of the series. Yesterday's filming in New Norfolk included a unit on location at the river's edge at Fitzgerald Park.

The Gloaming is being produced for streaming service Stan and is expected to air later this year. International distribution will be handled by Disney's ABC Studios.

The cast includes Emma Booth (Underbelly, Glitch), Ewen Leslie (The Cry, Top of the Lake) and Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, Jack Irish). In the story, a reunited Victorian detective and a Tasmanian police officer must overcome the shared grief of their personal history to pursue a killer whose ritualistic crimes re-open the wounds of the past.

This latest series comes on top of other screen productions filmed in part in the Derwent Valley including three seasons of Rosehaven, The Kettering Incident, the 2011 motion picture The Hunter and Van Diemens Land (2009).

This weekend's local football


New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry
at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk
Saturday, May 11
10am: Colts
Noon: Reserves
2pm: Seniors

New Norfolk v North Hobart
at New Town Oval
Sunday, May 12
11.45am: Women

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Local candidate in Senate election

Ray Williams
LOCAL businessman Ray Williams has been named as the lead candidate for the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) in this month's half-senate election.

Mr Williams said he had followed the CEC for 20 years and believed its policies had much to offer the country, especially its proposals to break-up the big four banks. He said his own background in banking and small business gave him a good understanding of where the big banks had gone wrong in the last 30 years.

"Working for the National Australia Bank for 22 years from 1966 to 1988, I began as a junior and worked my way up to manager, taking postings to many different branches. Banks were regulated then - they served the community and risky activities were banned," he said.

"When I left, banking had been deregulated and the speculation floodgates were opened. The just-concluded banking royal commission has shown that the last 30 years have been, within the banking industry, nothing more than a degeneration into the criminality of self-interest, greed and conflict of interests."

After leaving the bank at age 39, Mr Williams and his wife Lesley established their family business in New Norfolk, which now trades as Williams Mitre 10. "Our sons and a dedicated workforce have helped to build a successful business," he said.

"I have held several institutional positions in the past including former director of Mitre 10 Australia, former Derwent Valley councillor, former president of the Derwent Valley Chamber of Commerce and Hobart Sporting Car Club. I am currently the President of Derwent Valley Field and Game, and was previously the State President of the Tasmanian Field and Game Inc. for three years.

"Outside of my business and political activities, I am very enthusiastic about motor sports, hunting and fishing. My political ambition is to serve the people of Tasmania, and get all the CEC’s policies enacted into the laws of this country, especially the Bill for Bank Separation."

Mr Williams described the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) as an independent political party leading the fight for Australia to return to the banking and economic development policies that would grow a productive economy as well as secure the future wellbeing of all Australians.

"The City of London and Wall Street multinational bankers and corporations and their Australian lackeys have directed, and profited from, the disastrous deregulation and privatisation policies that have destroyed many of our productive industries, looted the economy, and allowed the banks to gouge us for mega-profits," he said.

"The CEC is inspired by the policies of old Labor, and its leaders such as John Curtin and Ben Chifley who believed in the 'common good' or raising the living standards of all people through nation-building infrastructure, education, free health care, and scientific and cultural progress.

"The CEC for over 30 years has advocated for peace in the world through economic development and co-operation between sovereign nations. The CEC defends and promotes the right to human progress for all people regardless of their nationality, religion or beliefs."

Mr Williams is believed to be the only Derwent Valley candidate in this month's Federal Election. Any others are welcome to send a profile and photo to

Monday, May 6, 2019

Frosty weather warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the Central North, Midlands and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Issued at 10:55am on Monday 6 May 2019.

Frosts with temperatures down to -1 degrees are forecast for Tuesday morning in parts of the Central North, Midlands and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Please be aware 
Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Councillor laments lack of training

Cr Anne Salt addressing the meeting.
COUNCILLOR Anne Salt told last month's Derwent Valley Council meeting of her disappointment at having had a code of conduct complaint made against her last year, particularly as she had received no training at that point.

The subsequent investigation resulted in Cr Salt receiving a caution for failing to declare a conflict of interest, although several other complaints against her were dismissed.

Mr Len Butterworth had alleged that Cr Salt had failed to declare a conflict of interest at council meetings last June and July, stemming from her involvement with the Friends of Willow Court.

Cr Salt had been elected in March 2018 following the resignation of Cr Damian Bester and attended her first council meeting in May. At its meeting in June, the council considered expressions of interest received for the use of the Willow Court site, and at the July meeting it received and approved a calendar of events to be conducted at Willow Court by the Friends group.

The April and May 2018 minutes of the Friends of Willow Court show that the group had made two budget submissions to the council as well as an expression of interest application. Mrs Salt was the group's chairwoman until September 2018 and is now its secretary.

"I am disappointed that I ended up with a code of conduct complaint against me in my first few weeks of being on council, particularly as I had no training at that point," Cr Salt told last month's council meeting after the Code of Conduct Panel's determination was tabled.

“I didn’t have a pecuniary interest in the matter and I didn’t know that I should have left the room but someone in the gallery was of the opinion that I should have,” Cr Salt said. “The result is that I have been issued with a caution. This was a minor infringement, but it is a reminder that all councillors have to be mindful of the fact and declare an interest in matters to be discussed.

"Those of us who recently attended training know that we need to look out for each other while we are learning our role as there is a lot to take in. At the time of the closed meeting where the matter was discussed, I was surrounded by councillors who had all been on council for three or more years but not the mayor or any of the others present advised me that I should have removed myself from the room.

“As this was a closed meeting and I could have declared my interest ... at that time time, out of hearing of the public, I can only assume that someone informed the member of the public that I had not left the room and I will certainly make sure that never happens to my colleagues.”

Mayor Ben Shaw said Cr Salt was certainly right “that things should not leave the closed meeting room.”

Cr Julie Triffett congratulated Cr Salt “on being exonerated by the code of conduct panel” and said it “floored her” to think the complaint had arisen from a closed council meeting. “It is $70 to lodge a complaint under the Code of Conduct and it depends on how long the complaint goes for as to how much it costs the council,” Cr Triffett said.

From the public gallery, Len Butterworth objected to Cr Triffett's comment and pointed out that Cr Salt had not been exonerated, but had been found guilty. Cr Shaw asked Mr Butterworth to refrain from commenting while councillors were trying to conduct a meeting.

In their seven-page report, Code of Conduct Panel chairwoman Jill Taylor, legal member Richard Grueber and lay member Rob Winter noted that Mr Butterworth had alleged that Cr Salt had failed to declare a conflict of interest resulting from her involvement with the Friends of Willow Court when Willow Court was discussed at a closed council meeting on June 21, 2018, and an open council meeting on July 19.

The panel dismissed Mr Butterworth's complaints in relation to decision making and use of office, but upheld parts of his complaint about conflict of interest.  "Cr Salt told the hearing that she has been a member of the Friends of Willow Court since approximately 2012, long before she was elected to council in April 2018 (sic).

"Cr Salt's opinion that she did not have to declare a conflict of interest in relation to Willow Court was based on the fact that she believed she did not hold a pecuniary interest. However ... in keeping with transparency and honesty, a councillor must declare actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest at any meetings.

"Conflict of interest is not restricted to pecuniary interests. Clearly her involvement in the committee 'Friends of Willow Court' over several years is an actual conflict of interest insofar as this matter is listed on any council meeting agenda. As such, Cr Salt should have declared her interest. By limiting her consideration of potential conflicts of interest to pecuniary interests and consequently failing to declare her interest she failed to exercise reasonable judgement contrary to sub-section 4."

The panel acknowledged that Cr Salt had been a councillor for only a short period at the time of the complaint. "Nevertheless, it is beholden on councillors to inform themselves on the role and responsibilities of a councillor, including the code of conduct required. In this instance the panel determines that Cr Salt should be issued with a caution in relation to this complaint," the report said.

Read the report in full in last month's council agenda.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Job done and on the market

Now fully occupied, New Norfolk's former Woolworths
supermarket is up for sale.
NOW fully tenanted, New Norfolk's redeveloped former Woolworths building has been put up for sale.

Edwards Windsor Hobart is offering the building for sale by expression of interest, closing on May 24.

Built in 1983 and operating as a supermarket until 2015, the property was vacated when the new Woolworths opened across the road in George St. In 2017 it was announced that the building would be divided into three smaller tenancies, to be occupied by a discount store, bottleshop and gymnasium.

After an extensive refurbishing and extending of the building, the discount variety store Shiploads opened in October 2018, the 9/11 Bottleshop opened in March this year, and Zap Fitness is due to relocate from its High St premises on May 13.

The selling agent says the building has an area of about 1835 square metres, while the property itself is about 6825 sqm, situated on three titles, including about 125 car parking spaces.

Three tenants now occupy the building.
"The three tenants, Shiploads, Zap Fitness and 9/11 Bottleshop, pay a total annual rental of $300,000, plus all outgoings, with lease terms of between seven and 10 years from early 2019," the real estate listing says. "The property is situated on a prominent corner location, in the premium commercial hub of New Norfolk, with significant national tenants adjacent: Woolworths, McDonalds and Mitre 10."

The building is on the corner of George and Charles streets and its address is 17-21 Charles St, but the property itself has frontages and access from Burnett and Leatham streets as well as George and Charles streets.

Other major sites presently on the market in New Norfolk include:

The redeveloped and extended former supermarket.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Targa Tasmania's 2019 visit to New Norfolk

"Batmen" Steven Sher and Fergal Murphy arriving in their 2016 Lotus Exige.

Targa crews and onlookers during the lunch break at New Norfolk.

Classic Holdens and Fords were on show.

Cars on display in the paddock in front of the sports centre.

A quick tidy-up for the 2002 Ford Falcon  Pursuit 250 Ute crewed by
Queensland brothers Darryl and Peter Marshall.

1969 Fiat 124 AC crewed by David Currow and Kit O'Donnell.

Queenslanders Tyson and Celise Cowie arrive in their 1970 Mark I Ford Escort,
ahead of the 2002 Mini crewed by Tasmanians Casey Price and Daniel Wilson.

Paul and Sharon Poulter in their 2000 Jaguar S Type X200.

The 1997 Lotus Elise of John Culvenor and co-driver Barrie Fitchett, of NSW.

The patched-up 2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STi of Anthony Grace and
Craig Jones, both from Queensland.

The 1984 AUDI UR Quattro Coupe of father-and-son racers Jim and Evan
Kelly, of New South Wales.

Many cars with low front ends like this Porsche bottomed-out while exiting
from the recently constructed driveway at the sports centre.

Timekeepers recorded the arrival and departure of each vehicle.

Mid-1990s Ford Mustang GT.

A classic mid-1960s Ford Mustang.

Tasmanian entrants Simon and Amanda Davison in their 1955 Austin A30.

Tasmanians Wayne Clark and Trevor Berriman in their 1938 Dodge Speedster.

New Norfolk golf results

Action at the New Norfolk Golf Club

Saturday 4/5/19 Petrusma Property Stroke-Monthly Medal
A Grade gross: W. Coleman 75 c/b, G. Heron 75, T. Henricks 79; Nett: F. Carmichael 74-11-63, I. Holthouse 78-12-66, L. McKenzie 79-12-67.
B Grade gross: G. Smith 80, M. Smith 82, G. Bailey 83; Nett: B. Withers 76-14-62, R. Dureau 81-15-66 c/b, M. Tangata 80-14-66.
C Grade gross: A. Bewley 89, K. Elwell 91, P. Harriss 94; Nett: T. Morgan 81-20-61, B. Hall 89-20-69, T. Banks 93-19-74.
Nearest-the-pins: 6/15th D. Jenkins, 8/17th G. Heron. Superpin: G. Heron. Eagle: R. Dureau.
Monthly medal winner:  T. Morgan 81-20-61.

Wednesday 1/5/19 Stableford
18 hole: J. Kinloch 14 c/b, K. Horne 41, A. Bewley 40, T. Morgan 39 c/b, G. Smith 39. Birdie hole: T. Hardwick
9 hole: J. Kinloch 24, K. Horne 21, T. Morgan 20 c/b, B. Crowley 20 c/b, G. Smith 20 c/b. Birdie hole: G. Smith.

Anyone interested in joining the New Norfolk Golf Club as a playing member (the club has clubs and buggies for hire), as a social member, or looking for a function venue, is welcome to contact the club for further information:
1 Howell Drive, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Phone: (03) 6261 2653
The club is available for hire for weddings, private functions etc.  The venue cost is free for a function of more than 40.

SFL Round 5: New Norfolk match results

Ben Lovell

NEW Norfolk vice captain Ben Lovell has much to celebrate tonight, after today playing his 150th senior game for the Eagles and qualifying as a playing life member of the club.

This was backed up by a big win for the side against Huonville Lions at Huonville this afternoon.

An asset on and off the field, Lovell has played in four senior premiership-winning teams. In 2011 he won the Peter Hodgman Medal for the Southern Football League's best and fairest player and he was runner-up for the same award last year.

Lovell has also contributed to junior development at the club, helping to run the local Auskick program and previously assisting with the coaching of the Under 18s. Congratulations Ben.

Huonville 6.0 (36) 6.2 (38) 9.4 (58)  9.9 (63)
New Norfolk  3.1 (19)  11.3 (69)  15.5 (95)  18.6 (114)
Huonville - Goal Kickers: J. McIndoe 3, E. Brock 2, C. Elliot, A. Golding, T. Peterson, R. Ward; Best Players: C. Johns, R. Ward, N. Huizing, T. Jackman, M. Schenk, R. Douglas.
New Norfolk - Goals: J. Clifford 3, B. Lovell 3, J. Bearman 3, B. Ransley 2, J. Hills 2, M. Parker 2, R. Franklin, J. King; Best: B. Lovell, T. Eiszele, J. Farrow, R. Thomason, B. Wardlaw

Huonville 6.7 (43)  13.7 (85)  19.9 (123)  24.14 (158)
New Norfolk  0.1 (1)  0.3 (3)  0.3 (3)  0.3 (3)
Huonville - Goals: C. Jackson 7, D. Garth 6, J. Parker 2, B. Page 2, L. O'Neill 2, M. Sullivan, M. Bennett, D. Crouch, K. Doyle, B. Rundell; Best: D. Garth, B. Rundell, J. Stevenson, J. Griggs, M. Sullivan.

Huonville 1.6 (12)  3.11 (29)  6.14 (50)  9.17 (71)
New Norfolk 1.3 (9)  3.5 (23)  5.6 (36)  6.10 (46)
Huonville - Goals: S. Voss 3, B. Roberts 2, W. Quarrier, D. Harback, B. Reeve, J. Thorpe; Best: B. Reeve, B. Pike, B. Roberts, W. Quarrier, S. Voss, A. Cowen.
New Norfolk - Goals: B. Howlett 4, C. Triffett, Z. Holloway; Best: C. Triffett, H. Davis, C. Keleher, J. Miller, Z. Wheeler, S. Holloway.

WOMEN (played at Boyer Oval on Sunday, May 5)
New Norfolk 0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0
South East Suns  3.6 (24)  8.12 (60)  11.14 (80)  15.17 (107)
New Norfolk - Best: K. Kelty, J. Flakemore , G. McNeill, K. Harris, B. Keep, H. McMaster.
South East Suns - Goals: M. Bruce 3, J. Roy 2, S. Wise 2, K. Stubbs 2, S. Marsh 2, L. Featherstone, B. Laidler, Z. Chugg, N. Matthews; Best: N. Matthews, K. Ogier-Glover, L. Featherstone, J. Ransley, J. Roy, B. Laidler.

We did but see Targa passing by

Classic Holdens and Fords were among the many cars on show
when Targa Tasmania had its Day 5 lunchbreak at New Norfolk.
ABOUT 300 cars participating in this year's Targa Tasmania had a lunchtime stop at New Norfolk yesterday but there were few people there to see them at the Derwent Valley PCYC.

With very little publicity, only diehard Targa fans and friends and relatives of the competitors were on hand to welcome the fleet as it arrived from the West Coast.

There was no mention of the opportunity on the PCYC's Facebook page, which instead asked its users to park at the side of the building as the main car park would be in use. The council did not mention it and there was nothing in the Gazette.

A quick tidy-up for this Falcon before
it was back on the road.
The small number of observers was kept well informed by an official announcer and after their lunchbreak the crews set off for the competitive stage at Molesworth.

Meanwhile, some were wondering why the once-popular event was ever moved from the town centre, where big numbers used to look over the cars while the drivers and navigators had their lunch.

Click here for photo gallery.

The 1979 Holden Commodore of Mick Downey and Nicholas
Browne on the hairpin bend on the Molesworth Targa stage.

Friday, May 3, 2019

This weekend's local football


New Norfolk v Huonville
at Huonville Recreation Ground
Saturday, May 4
10am: Colts
Noon: Reserves
2pm: Seniors

New Norfolk v South East Suns
at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk
Sunday, May 5
12.30pm: Women

Where to see Targa Tasmania today

Click image to enlarge.
DAY 5 of the 28th annual Targa Tasmania will see the fleet make its way from the West Coast this morning, passing through the Derwent Valley with competitive stages at Tarraleah and Molesworth, and a lunch break at New Norfolk.

Targa Tasmania is described as the world's largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally event, covering more than 2000km with almost 40 competitive stages on closed roads, catering for up to 300 cars each year.

There will be several road closures in the Central Highlands and Derwent Valley municipalities between 9.30am and 5pm today.
  • At Tarraleah, the Lyell Highway between Bradys Lake Rd and Oldina Drive (southern end) will be closed from 9.30am to 2pm.
  • No road closures have been reported for the lunch break in New Norfolk between 11.30am and 2pm. Cars are expected to file though the town throughout the time that period, making their way to the Derwent Valley PCYC in Third Avenue for lunch, and then on to Molesworth.
  • At Molesworth, Molesworth Rd will be closed between Boulters Rd and Glenlusk Rd from 12.21pm to 4.51pm for the competitive stage in that area. The first car is expected to start the Molesworth course at 1.21pm.
See maps below, and for more information visit

Tarraleah Targa stage. Click map to enlarge.

New Norfolk lunch stop. Click map to enlarge.

Molesworth Targa stage. Click map to enlarge.

Targa at Molesworth today

Click image to enlarge.
THERE has been a change to the road closures associated with the running of a competitive stage of Targa Tasmania at Molesworth today.

Day 5 of the 28th running of the annual tarmac rally will see the fleet make its way from the West Coast this morning, passing through the Derwent Valley with competitive stages at Tarraleah and Molesworth, and a lunch break at New Norfolk.

The route through Molesworth was approved by the relevant authorities despite the fact that it would isolate Molesworth Primary School for nearly five hours, stranding students and staff at the school until just before 5pm.

It was planned to close Molesworth Rd between Glen Dhu Rd and Glenlusk Rd from 12.21pm until 4.51pm and this information remains current on the Targa Tasmania website. However, a late change has now seen a reduction in the affected area, with the road closure now taking place just past the school, at Boulters Rd.

"Following conversations with Targa they have changed the starting point for the Molesworth to Glenlusk leg," the school has posted on its Facebook page. "This leg will start at Boulters Rd so the road to the school will stay open and parents can access us from the New Norfolk side. The [Targa] cars will line up outside the school ready to start their leg in the afternoon. This will give teachers and students an opportunity to observe the cars with no added risk to them."

For parents collecting children from the school this afternoon, the usual parking area near the recycling station will not be available. The school says this will leave a lot of parents having to queue up along the road outside the school and it asks that the entry and exit points at the school turning circle be kept free of vehicles as the school buses need the full width of the road to turn.

Targa Tasmania is described as the world's largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally event, covering more than 2000km with almost 40 competitive stages on closed roads, catering for up to 300 cars each year.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Latest election promise hits a roadblock

Part of the Plenty Valley Link Rd near New Norfolk.
THE Labor Party's federal election promise to upgrade the Plenty Link Rd between the Derwent and Huon valleys could result in the route being closed to the public, Derwent Valley mayor Ben Shaw said today. Commenting on Facebook after the announcement of the $20 million commitment, Cr Shaw said this was $10 million short.

"While I would normally welcome any funding announcements for our region and especially our roads, this one is a poor choice and actually creates a bigger burden on our own road networks and negatively affects our residents and tourism visitors," he said.

"Plenty Link Rd has been on council wish list for some time now, it needs $30m for upgrades to be carried out so we can make it suitable for a tourism loop between us and the Huon. The shortfall in funding here means the Plenty Link Rd will be forestry and industry trucks only and possibly locked to the public."

The election commitment was announced in the midlands town of Ross this morning by the ALP's spokesman on infrastructure, transport, cities and regional development, Anthony Albanese MHR. "A Shorten Labor Government will invest $1.3 billion in a comprehensive Tasmanian Roads Package to improve safety for motorists and drive economic development in the state’s agricultural and tourism sectors," Mr Albanese said.

"Labor will invest in roads in all corners of the state, from replacing Hobart’s Bridgewater Bridge to major safety upgrades of the Bass, West Tamar, Frankford and Murchison Highways in the north and north-west, as well as projects that will reduce traffic congestion and expedite the movement of freight," Mr Albanese said.

In his Facebook post, Cr Shaw said the intent of the Plenty Link Rd upgrade was to reduce the number of trucks travelling though Hobart. "That’s a good move, however this means increasing heavy vehicle movements on Glenora Rd and Gordon River Rd, which are already in a disgraceful state, unsafe for our rate payers and visitors."


Cr Shaw said this shifting of traffic from city streets to Glenora Rd via the Plenty Link Rd was a bigger problem than the funding shortfall. "The Derwent Valley Council own Glenora Rd and will never have the capacity to fix it to a reasonable standard as it is, and now Labor want to poor more heavy-laden vehicles on it without any thinking as to what this does to our asset

"I’ve been asking all levels of government for help, or to take over Glenora Rd, for some time now but falling on deaf ears... now this poorly thought out idea is on the table. Maybe Labor could come up with the $20m to complete the Glenora Rd upgrades."

The mayor's comments were endorsed by Cr Rachel Power, who said she wholeheartedly agreed with his assessment. "It only fixes issues for one region, while creating more for another - us," Cr Power said. "While I welcome all funding for the Valley, I feel this one is a little short. I do believe other grants announced may be able to be accessed through Labor's announcements, but being national they will be competitive. It is a start, but more focus on the Derwent Valley roads are required first," she said on her councillor Facebook page.

Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, Mr Albanese said the Labor party, if elected to government, would expect the State Government to contribute to the projects it had announced in its Tasmanian Roads Package.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

New Norfolk golf results

The New Norfolk Golf Club's 1st tee in the
foreground and members walking up to the
5th tee in the background.

Saturday 27/4/2019 Stableford (first round of the Windsor Trophy)
A Grade: G. Heron 44, B. Watt 37, J. Hastie 36.
B Grade: S. Ackerly 39, G. Bailey 38 c/b, M. Smith 38.
C Grade: D. Giles 39, D. Vagg 38, S. Gray 36.
Nearest-the-pin: 3rd J. Wilton, 6/15th L. Heron, 8/17th B. Watt, 11th B. Watt.
Superpin: L. Heron

Wednesday 24/4/19 Stroke
18 hole: C. Youd 70-6-64, D. Lowry 85-20-65 c/b, T. Morgan 86-21-65 c/b, G. Smith 83-18-65, R. Hoare 89-23-66. Birdie hole: G. Hack
9 hole: T. Morgan 42-10½-31½ c/b, R Hoare 43- 11½-31½, T. Hardwick 43-10½ 32½ c/b, A. Watts 41-8½-32½, D. Lowry 43-10-33. Birdie hole: C. Youd.

Anyone interested in joining the New Norfolk Golf Club as a playing member (the club has clubs and buggies for hire), as a social member, or looking for a function venue, is welcome to contact the club for further information:
1 Howell Drive, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Phone: (03) 6261 2653
The club is available for hire for weddings, private functions etc.  The venue cost is free for a function of more than 40.

SFL Round 4: New Norfolk match results

THE New Norfork senior, reserves and colts teams all had a bye this weekend, leaving just the women's team to contest round four of the Southern Football League, meeting Kingborough at Kingston Beach Oval this afternoon. The Tigers emerged as the winner.

Kingborough 1.1 (3) 3.9 (9) 3.3 (6)  6.24 (24)
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Kingborough Goal Kickers: S. Maclachlan 3, A. Burrows-Cheng 2, T. Mathews, E. Burrows, B. Oh, A. Kemp;  Best Players: R. Thalmann, G. Christian, E. Burrows, E. Lamb, H. Griggs, A. Blanden.
New Norfolk - Best: S. Cantrell, K. Slater, B. Franklin, J. Skelly, W. Jacinta.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Labor promises $5m for Mt Field

The Federal Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell, left, and Labor
tourism spokesman Anthony Albanese listing to Federal Labor
leader Bill Shorten's funding announcement at Mona.
A $5 MILLION federal election promise for Mt Field National Park has been welcomed by Derwent Valley councillor Rachel Power, who described the commitment as the biggest investment for the park.

The Mercury this morning reported that the Australian Labor Party would today announce a $120 million Tasmanian tourism funding package, including $5 million for car park, visitor centre, road and facility improvements at Mt Field National Park, and help to manage visitor growth.

Posting on her councillor Facebook page, Mrs Power said this was the biggest investment for Mt Field National Park. "This is the third election promise for the Derwent Valley, this time from Labor," she wrote. Mrs Power is the operator of the cafe in the park's visitor centre.

"If we team this with their promise of funding to fix roads, we could start to see a very good outcome for the Valley coming from Labor. The campaigning has only just started though, let's see what Liberal come out with for the Valley - haven't heard anything so far?" she said, noting that this was her personal opinion.


Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten visited Mona at Berriedale later in the morning for a formal announcement of the tourism package, including $50 million for the Museum of Old and New Art. "The Tasmanian economy has many strings to its bow but tourism is certainly I think one of the great job generators for Tasmania. Tasmanian tourism is famous across the mainland and famous across the world," Mr Shorten said.

Labor's tourism spokesman Anthony Albanese said the announcement was a proud moment. "I believe this is the most significant tourism package for any state from any federal government or opposition in Australia's history," he said.

"$120 million with Mona as its centrepiece but also recognising that one of the things that Mona does for the 400,000 visitors who went through Mona in the last financial year - 70 per cent of whom were from interstate or internationally - is bring them here, this is the magnet, and then to spread the benefit throughout Tasmania particularly throughout the regions. So this package is comprehensive."

"Freycinet will receive $10 dollars to improve the facilities there. Mt Field National Park, $5 million. Both of these pristine natural environments are suffering from the number of visitors who are coming through and we need the infrastructure to keep up with it so that people can have a positive experience when they visit those destinations."