Thursday, December 13, 2018

Four council meetings this evening

THE Derwent Valley Council's annual general meeting will be held this evening (Thursday), in the New Norfolk Courthouse at 5.30pm. The agenda and annual report can be downloaded from the council website, or obtained in hardcopy from the council chambers.

The AGM is an opportunity to ask questions about the council's activities over the last financial year and to propose motions from the floor. If carried by the members of the public present, these motions must be considered at the January council meeting.

What is likely to be the last public forum in its present format will follow at 6pm, allowing community members to discuss issues of concern with the council without forming part of the official record.

The December council meeting will also be held tonight, starting at 6.30pm. One of the agenda items proposes starting future council meetings at 5.30pm when they are held in New Norfolk and 6pm when held elsewhere. Regional community forums are proposed to be held at 5.30pm when the council meets outside New Norfolk, with no community forums proposed for New Norfolk.

The council will also hold a closed meeting later tonight, to discuss items including tenders for green waste management and surveillance cameras, and the general manager's performance plan.

1 comment:

  1. Great to have this information. Agenda item 10.8 Council meeting roster is interesting reading. The observation or is it an assumption that the New Norfolk's forums are a given.

    Beginning to sound like the get out of jail card will be "alternative Community Engagement opportunity"...very good thing.

    In studying the item I did note that; in DETAILS on page 78 that the January Date which would have been the norm 17 Jan. 2019 was changed to the 24th. I'm anticipating that the community will pick on it..... as not being the third Thursday.