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Sunday, December 23, 2018

First local graduates from Children's University

Children's University graduate Jaxson Featherstone, centre, is
congratulated by D'FAT chairman Nic Kaiser, left, and D'FAT
facilitator Matt Hill, right.
ABOUT 10 per cent of this year's southern Tasmanian graduates from the Children's University Tasmania were from the Derwent Valley. This was the first year that the local area was officially included in the program, which helps to develop children into adaptable, lifelong learners and builds bridges to employment and higher education by connecting them to a wide range of learning experiences outside of school hours.

Of the 173 southern children celebrating their graduation last week, 17 were from the Derwent Valley, youth worker Matt Hill told the New Norfolk News. "This includes 10 students from Westerway Primary School, two students from Glenora District School, one student from New Norfolk Primary School and four home-school students," Mr Hill said.

"Nine of these Derwent Valley graduates attended and participated in Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D’FAT) validated learning activities during 2018," he said.

Since June this year, D’FAT has been an official public learning destination for Children’s University Tasmania, which is operated by The Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, University of Tasmania). Children’s University Tasmania is also supported by Communities for Children - South East Tasmania, The Salvation Army.

DFA'T was particularly pleased that one of the young graduates, Jaxson Featherstone, is both a student of New Norfolk Primary School and a D'FAT member. Jaxson has the honour of being the first D'FAT member and NNPS student to graduate from Children's University Tasmania.

Children’s University Tasmania was launched in July 2015 and is now working with 32 schools statewide and has more than 750 active participants. Each member is issued with a Passport to Learning, in which hours of activity at validated Learning Destinations are recorded.

Local Learning Destinations include the Derwent Valley Concert Development Band,
Derwent Valley PCYC, Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D'FAT) and TygaFM Radio.

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