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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time for postal votes is running out

WITH the third and final week of postal voting in this year's council elections now under way, participation by Derwent Valley voters remains ahead of the state average. As of yesterday's mail, a further 273 votes had been cast in the Derwent Valley Council election, added to the 3230 that had been received by last Friday.

Australia Post delivered 7517 ballot packs to eligible voters in the municipality and as of yesterday morning 3503 had been returned, or 46.6%. This keeps the Derwent Valley ahead of the state average of 43.45% and the southern average of 42.76%.

Flinders Island remains way out in front with 65.94% of its ballots already returned while West Tamar continues to lag behind with the lowest return rate of 38.84% so far. Launceston is marginally better with 38.97%.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission encourages voters to fill out their ballot papers and get them in the mail as soon as possible, to make sure their votes are counted. The cutoff is at 10am on October 30 and any votes still in the mail will not be counted.

With a public holiday in the south this Thursday, electors are rapidly reaching the point where votes returned by mail might not be received in time. Anyone voting after this Wednesday would be wise to deposit their ballot pack at their local council chambers instead.

Any elector who has not yet ​received their ballot pack should drop in to their local council office, or call the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701 to ask for a replacement pack.

Meet all the Derwent Valley Council election candidates.

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