Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Half of the council at risk

HALF of the sitting members of the Derwent Valley Council could lose their seats based on the first-preference election results issued by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission around 7pm yesterday.

With 20% of the councillor vote counted, the provisional outcome predicts that the new eight-member council could be (in order of election):

  • Paul Belcher
  • Ben Shaw
  • Julie Triffett
  • Martyn Evans
  • Jessica Cosgrove
  • Rachel Power
  • Mathew Hill
  • Luke Browning

This was based on a computer prediction and the result may change once the remaining ballots are counted. On those early numbers, councillors Frank Pearce, Barry Lathey and Anne Salt are likely to lose their seats, and Cr James Graham hangs in the balance.

Counting continues today.

Click here for the latest results

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