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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Shiploads excavation causes a stir

Work is proceeding at the Shiploads development site at
the old Woolworths supermarket in New Norfolk.
A DEEP excavation in the old Woolworths car park this week sparked a spirited discussion about the merits of drive-through bottleshops.

As work progressed on the redevelopment of the old supermarket this week, a social media storm was unleashed when a Facebook post criticised the apparent digging of a driveway on the eastern side of the building.

Development plans approved by the council earlier this year show a 135 square metre extension to the building in the area that has been excavated in recent days. No reference is made to a drive-through.

Architectural plans for the northern frontage of the
redeveloped supermarket site.
The Charles St building operated as a supermarket from 1983-2015 and has been vacant since it was replaced by the new Woolworths across the road in George St.

The council-approved plans show the building will be divided into three tenancies, with discount retailer Shiploads to occupy a large shop in the middle of the building, with a gymnasium on one side and a bottleshop on the other side.

Work continues inside the new Shiploads store.
The development application specified that nine parking spaces would be lost due to the $200,000 building extension, leaving 140 spaces for customer parking. The council has been asked for comment about any variation to the approved plans.

Meanwhile, Shiploads has posted another video on its Facebook page, showing the progress inside the new shop.

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