Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Police called to council meeting

The published notice of meeting.
TWO police officers were present to ensure there was no repeat of the recent "sit in" protest when the Derwent Valley Council resumed its monthly meeting after a week-long adjournment.

The council's monthly meeting on May 17 was disrupted by a local man protesting against the council carrying out some of its business in a closed session. After warning that the police could be called to remove the man, deputy mayor Ben Shaw opted to adjourn the meeting for a week. No audio recording of that event has been published.

When the meeting resumed at 5pm on May 24, the front doors of the New Norfolk Courthouse were open and two members of the public were in the gallery. Two police officers were in attendance at the council's request but the original protester, Len Butterworth, was not present.

Mayor Martyn Evans welcomed councillors and staff, and said the council was resuming an adjourned meeting. Councillors Paul Belcher and Anne Salt were absent.

"I would like to call on all members of the public now to remove themselves from the meeting," Cr Evans said, before general manager Greg Winton explained the circumstances that had led to the previous week's meeting being adjourned. 

Cr Evans repeated his request for the public to leave the meeting. "Oh," said one of the women in the gallery, followed by some inaudible remarks. "If you wait outside for a moment I will send my general manager out [to talk to you]," Cr Evans said to the two women who had unwittingly found themselves to be part of the sequel to the previous week's incident.

Resuming the open session at 7.16pm, the mayor announced the following:
  • Kerbside waste tender: Approved along with a consultation period for  extended services for waste and recycling bin services.
  • Australian Paranormal Investigation Unit - tours of Willow Court and Frescati House: Approved.
  • Tasmania's Most Haunted - paranormal tours of Willow Court precinct: Approved.
  • Documentary film at Willow Court: Deferred for further information.
  • Closed Senior Management Report: Received.


  1. They preemptively called in two cops?
    Two cops turned up at a non violent non protest nothing?
    Who pays?
    Who wasted community resources?
    Who's crime wasnt investigated or prevented?

    Shameful DVC.
    Gutter politics

  2. Who called them?
    At what cost to DVC or the police?
    Is this a good use of scarce resources?

  3. Who pays for the wasted police presence?