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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Young Eagles keen to fly to Melbourne

The 2018 New Norfolk Under 12 football team.
AS part of their football experience this season, the New Norfolk Junior Football Club Under 12s will be heading to Melbourne. But to get there on this end-of-season trip, they need a little help.

Fundraising has been under way for some time, including margin tickets for every AFL Friday night match and the upcoming Round 11 Dream Team match, as well as a Mother's Day raffle and a barbecue at the New Norfolk Woolworths last Saturday.

The purpose of the Melbourne trip is to educate the youngsters on the meaning of what football is all about and to learn from it as much as they can to help get the most out of their time in football.

With the money raised, each child will receive:

  • Flights to Melbourne and return to Hobart
  • Accommodation and one meal paid for
  • Attendance at two AFL games and visits to AFL merchandise shops
The NNJFC Under 12s team is fully coached, managed, umpired and supported by volunteers including parents. For the children, the benefits of playing team sport like football include confidence, team-building and  self-esteem.

For more information about the team or how to support the fundraising, contact team manager Stacey Triffett on 0475 111 164 or coach Tristan Triffett on ‭0427 950 662,‬ or visit the team's Facebook page. Any help will be greatly appreciated by the Under 12s team.

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