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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Keen interest in council meeting at Molesworth

Councillors listening to public questions at this month's council meeting.
LOCAL residents had surprisingly few questions for the Derwent Valley Council during the community forum at this month's council meeting at Molesworth but made up for it during a lengthy Question Time session during the formal meeting straight after.

The second of three council meetings scheduled to be held outside New Norfolk this year, the May 17 meeting was held in the gymnasium of the Molesworth Community Hall rather than the meeting room upstairs.

Cr Anne Salt was present for her first council meeting since her private swearing-in on April 6. Deputy mayor Ben Shaw was in the chair due to the absence of mayor Martyn Evans. He started the proceedings with an acknowledgement of the efforts of council staff and community volunteers during the flooding events earlier in the month.

In public question time, Andrew Lawson from Collins Cap Rd asked about damage caused by stormwater diversion on Collins Cap Rd and residents' rights to compensation. General manager Greg Winton said a council officer would be sent to investigate Mr Lawson's assertions.

Jeanette Kaiser asked for a second time about the long-running lack of communication between the council and its youth advisory committee (D'FAT), including the committee finding the locks to have been changed as its meeting place. Cr Shaw said reiterated his earlier advice that the council had not changed its position in relation to the committee's role. He said councillors had not had any further discussions about youth strategy and he asked to be advised if any council staff or councillors were failing to respond to communications from the committee. Cr Julie Triffett spoke up, saying she was the council representative on the D'FAT committee. "I haven't been communicating with D'FAT because D'FAT have actually changed their meetings to Thursday night and that's our night that we have workshops and things, so I haven't been able to physically get to the meetings," Cr Triffett said.

Albert Stephenson commented on a later agenda item dealing with councillor representatives on about 40 council committees and noted that the council did not have a climate change committee, bushfire commitee or strategic infrastructure committee. "The council should really consider three main committees instead of 40 Mickey Mouse committees," he said. The deputy mayor agreed to a certain extent. "I certainly think, personally, there's a lot of Special Committees that probably could be condensed or brought into one group," Cr Shaw said.   

Anne Stephenson again drew attention to the bridge on the corner of Tubbs Rd and Collins Cap Rd, which needed a sign indicating it was a single-lane bridge following many near-misses due to it being a blind corner on an 80km/h road. Cr Shaw said Mrs Stephenson had made a fair point and he asked the general manager to "get onto it" straight away.

Wayne Shoobridge asked about the previous month's closed council discussion about an expenses claim by mayor Martyn Evans. "Was the claim allowed, disallowed or do we have to go through the rigamarole of Freedom of Information to get it?" Cr Shaw referred the question to the general manager, who said he was not at the meeting but offered the following advice: "In terms of can or will it be made public, it could be made public if the council chose to, but at this point in time it hasn't, and will it be made public, again, is a decision for the council to make.

Mr Shoobridge also followed up his question from the previous month, about the tabling of an economic impact survey of the High Street Market. Cr Shaw said he would take that question on notice. In a second part of his question, Mr Shoobridge asked why payments made to the council's elected members were not listed in the monthly financial statements. General manager Greg Winton said a bulk figure was given in the monthly statements and individualised amounts appeared in each year's annual report.

Dianne Cowburn asked a question about stormwater management and the council's failure to adequately maintain bulk litter traps designed to stop rubbish from entering the River Derwent and Lachlan Rivulet. Cr Shaw took the question on notice.

General manager Greg Winton gave a presentation on flood
damage to the community forum before the council meeting.
Len Butterworth asked a question about a code of conduct determination against the deputy mayor but noted that the matter was the subject of a report later in the meeting. Mr Butterworth alluded to local scuttlebut that the council's acting general manager, Mark Eady, had been asked to represent the deputy mayor in the code of conduct hearing, and noted that it did not happen.  Laughing, Mr Winton said: "For the sake of clarity Mr Butterworth, am I to understand that what this is about is that someone said in a local cake shop that the acting general manager was planning to represent Ben Shaw at a code of conduct hearing?" Mr Butterworth replied: "Correct."

After 35 minutes of public questions the meeting moved on to notices of motion lodged by two councillors, voting 4-3 against a Cr Belcher's motion that a ratepayer be reimbursed for expenses incurred in completing an unfinished council project; and 6-1 in favour of Cr Shaw's motion to introduce a 30-minute open session at the start of each month's council meeting.

In other business, the council received minutes of meetings from the Friends of Willow Court, Friends of Frescati, the Derwent Valley Access Advisory Committee, the New Norfolk Swimming Pool, and the Tynwald Park Committee - which is proposing a statue of Peter Hudson.

The council deferred a proposal by acting general manager Mark Eady that the appointment of councillor representatives and proxies on 40 committees, working groups, authorities and associations be reviewed.

A report was received and noted from the acting general manager following a code of conduct investigation into the deputy mayor, which resulted the dismissal of several allegations of a conflict of interest but the upholding of a complaint that he had failed to declare a perceived conflict of interest. The complaints all related to a Development Application for a quarry near Maydena.

The council also noted and released a draft asset management policy for public comment; discussed how it would vote on matters at the Local Government Association's meeting on May 18; and received the senior management report.

Councillor questions without notice included Cr Salt asking how people without access to computers would be able to find out how to participate in a survey about the council's proposed dog park. A voice from the gallery suggested using the Derwent Valley Gazette. Cr Belcher asked whether the council would offer free tip entry for flood-affected residents and the general manager said this might be possible for flood-affected residences that were eligible for a government contribution.

Cr Belcher also asked about certain local roads being narrowed during reconstruction works and then queried whether the acting general manager had considered representing the deputy mayor at his code of conduct hearing. Cr Shaw he had asked Mr Eady to do so, but advice was received that this was not appropriate and as such it did not occur.

Cr Graham then asked whether it would be possible for the audio recordings of council meetings to have a time stamp or some other indicator to allow listeners to jump to items of interest. "It was brought to my attention that a person likes listening to it, and it's a good thing, but they didn't want to listen to the whole thing," Cr Graham said.

The council then took a 20-minute adjournment, intending to resume at 9pm for a closed meeting to discuss a report on kerbside waste services; two proposals to conduct tours at Willow Court; a proposal to film a documentary at Willow Court; and the closed senior management report. As reported previously, the closed meeting was abandoned due to a ratepayer staging a sit-in.

MORE:  Man's sit-in forces early end to council meeting

MORE: Council sit-in man comes forward

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Thursday frost warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the Central North, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Issued at 2:31pm on Wednesday 30 May 2018.

Frosts with temperatures down to -1 degrees are forecast for Thursday morning in parts of the Central North, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Please be aware: Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Norfolk celebrates successful cricket season

New Norfolk's 1st Grade premiership-winning team.
AN excellent turnout of more than 60 people attended the New Norfolk Cricket Club's annual trophy presentation dinner at the  New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms recently.

The season was celebrated in style, reflecting on the club's first Southern Cricket Association 1st Grade premiership and the flags won by the 7th Grade team in the T20 and 50-over formats. Capping it all off, the club's Under 13s were also premiers in their division. It was a very successful season indeed - well played by all, on and off the field.

Chief among the trophy winners was club stalwart Stewart Rice who collected five trophies, including the 3rd Grade best all rounder/club champion award with 557 points. Seb Wishart won the same award in 1st Grade with 717 points (Lyn Harris Memorial Trophy) and in 7th Grade it was Aaron Drew with 501 points.

New Norfolk's 7th Grade premiership-winning team.
At the conclusion of the awards, life membership was bestowed on club president Jamie Hill who has worked tirelessly both as a player and administrator since joining the club back in the 2008/09 season. The passionate clubman has been president for the past six seasons. He has been a committee member and also filled the role as the club junior development officer for one season. On field, Hill has played 178 matches, been captain, scored 1458 runs, taken 161 wickets and played in two premierships with the club, one in the 50-over format and the other in the T20 format. Congratulations Jamie, you thoroughly deserve this award.

The club thanks all its trophy donors and sponsors for the 2017/18 season.

Batting aggregate
1st Grade (donated by Stewart and Sharyn Rice): Matthew Bowden, 527 runs
3rd Grade (donated  by Tammy Hill): Stewart Rice, 356 runs
7th Grade (donated by Julie Triffett): David Mitchelmore, 330 runs

Batting average
1st Grade (donated by Tania and Dave): Matthew Bowden, 43.92
3rd Grade (donated by Rohan Heron): Stewart Rice, 32.36
7th Grade (donated by Nathan Heron): David Mitchelmore, 30.00

Bowling aggregate
1st Grade (donated by Vicki Morgan): Jason Rigby, 25 wickets
3rd Grade (donated by Kev Sturzaker): Jamie Hill, 20 wickets
7th Grade (donated by Steve and Teena): Stuart Muir, 23 wickets

Bowling average
1st Grade (donated by the Morgan Family): Seb Wishart, 14.95
3rd Grade (donated by Julie Triffett): Jamie Hill, 10.40
7th Grade (donated by Heiko and Julie Hannibal): Zaheer Hussain, 8.05

Best all rounder/club champion
1st Grade (donated by Daniel and Anita Vagg) Lyn Harris Memorial Trophy: Seb Wishart, 717 points
3rd Grade (donated by Glenn and Robyn): Stewart Rice, 557 points
7th Grade (donated by Banjos New Norfolk): Aaron Drew, 501 points

Best first year player (donated by Seb Wishart): Zaheer Hussain
Coaches Award (donated by Jason Rigby): Coby Kemmler
Duck Award (donated by Stephen Nichols): Stuart Muir, 4
Charlie Eiszele Perpetual Trophy (donated by Adrian Eiszele) Best Club Person: Stephen Nichols
Best Under-21 Player (donated by Glen and Rachel Williams): Mitchell Rice, 411 points
Most Improved (donated by Leigh Berry): Jye Bearman
Encouragement Award (donated by Josh Walsh): Jake Stevenson

Most catches
1st Grade (donated by Banjos New Norfolk): Joe McCulloch, 10
3rd Grade (donated by Adam Nossiter): Jarrod Browning, 10
7th Grade (donated by Banjo's New Norfolk): Andrew Callander, 13

Best fielder
1st Grade (donated by Jamie Hill): Jason Rigby, 9 votes
3rd Grade (donated by Daniel and Anita Vagg): Josh Walsh, 6 votes
7th Grade (donated by Trent Mayne): Nathan Heron, 6 votes

Best T20 player
1st Grade (donated by Tony Clay): Stewart Rice
3rd Grade (donated by Craig Farrell): Josh Rowlands
7th Grade (donated by Paul Reed, PRD Nationwide): Steven Sillifant

Best in Finals
1st Grade (donated by Darren Clark): Matthew Bowden
7th Grade (donated by Brian Mitchell): Aaron Drew

Centuries scored
Stewart Rice, 3rd Grade, 128 v Campania (donated by Julie Triffett)

Five-wicket hauls
Nathan Eiszele, 1st Grade, 5-26 (8.4) v St Aidans (donated by NNDFC Clubrooms)
Josh Rowlands 3rd Grade, 6-30 (9.5) v Old Beach (donated by NNDFC Clubrooms)
Aaron Drew, 7th Grade, 6-38 (10) v Derwent (donated by Vicki Morgan)
Mitchell Rice, 7th Grade 5-31 (10) v Montagu Bay

Road worker injured at Ellendale

The rescue helicopter landed on the Ellendale recreation ground
to retrieve an injured road worker.
A MAN working in a road resurfacing crew at Ellendale was injured in an accident earlier today. The man is understood to have gone under the back wheels of a truck, although the circumstances are unclear.

"Police and emergency services attended an incident at Ellendale Rd, Ellendale, this morning where a man was struck by a truck," Senior Constable Peter Gibson said in a statement.

"At around 9.40am, a 61-year-old Primrose Sands man who was working at a road works
site was struck by a reversing 17.2 tonne truck which was also being used on site," Senior Constable Gibson said.

The rescue helicopter arriving at Ellendale.
"The man received lower leg injuries and was airlifted to the Royal Hobart Hospital by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in a serious but stable condition," he said. "The 39-year-old truck driver from the Derwent Valley was not injured."

The scene was attended by representatives of WorkSafe Tasmania and investigations are continuing.

The scene was attended by police, ambulance, Derwent Valley State Emergency Services and local volunteer fire brigades. The incident occurred near the town centre and the helicopter was able to land on the local recreation ground.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

PHOTOS: Derwent Valley flood damage detailed

The fourth bridge along Glen Dhu Rd suffered severe damage.
DETAILS of damage to public infrastructure from the recent flooding at New Norfolk, Lachlan and Molesworth was provided during the community forum at this month's Derwent Valley Council meeting.

General manager Greg Winton said it was likely that three bridges on Glen Dhu Rd at Molesworth and one at Lachlan would need replacing at a cost of about $2 million. He hoped that about 75% of that cost would be recoverable from government funding.

The cost of restoring and re-opening the extensively damaged Tynwald Park was not yet known but Mr Winton expected this would also be covered by government funding.

Mr Winton said the flooding experienced on May 10-11 had been declared a natural disaster and the council was one cog in the recovery process. Information was still being received in relation to government assistance.

In response to a question, Mr Winton said the council's bridges were not insured for flood damage as this covering was impossible to obtain. He also pointed out that some damage would not be evident until later.

Deputy mayor Ben Shaw, as chairman of the May council meeting, thanked all those council staff and community volunteers who had been involved in the flood response.


  • Hansons Rd Bridge - replacement required
  • Hydehurst Rd Bridge - inspection required to determine damage
  • Timbs Rd Bridge - inspection required to determine damage
  • General washouts on gravel roads
  • Sealed road damage at bridge junctures and potholes
  • Gleeson Park - general water damage


  • Glen Dhu Rd Bridges 4, 5 and 6 - replacement required
  • Remainder of Glen Dhu Rd bridges - inspection required to determine damage and repairs
  • Molesworth Rd bridge - inspection required to determine damage and repairs
  • Extreme gravel road washouts along Glen Dhu Rd past bridge 2
  • Sealed road damage at Molesworth bridge juncture and potholes
  • Bus shelters damaged
  • Private road bridges damaged
  • Creek debris blockages

NEW NORFOLK - Tynwald Park

  • Closed for minimum two weeks to general public. Sporting groups to relocate roster games
  • Extensive Clean-up
  • Infrastructure replacement
  • Creek debris blockages
  • Buildings, fencing and play equipment
  • damaged

NOTE: The following photos were included in the presentation to this month's council meeting and were a mixture of images from the height of the flood and immediately afterwards. Much of the damage pictured has since been repaired.

Tynwald Park, New Norfolk.

Tynwald Park, New Norfolk.

Riverstones dumped on Tynwald Park by the floodwaters.

The footbridge between Turriff Lodge and Tynwald Park was dislodged again.

Bridge 1 on Glen Dhu Rd was substantially inundated but looks relatively
unscathed. Further inspection will be needed to ensure its structural integrity.

Bridge 4 on Glen Dhu Rd has been reinstated to a five-tonne
capacity but will need replacing following this damage.

Bridge 5, off Glen Dhu Rd to private property, has been condemned due to
failure of its abutments.

Bridge 6 on Glen Dhu Rd was washed significantly downstream but has been
 collected and reinstated with a three-tonne limit. It will need replacing due to
to this extreme damage.

Typical road-scouring seen along Glen Dhu Rd.

Close-up of a road-washout on Glen Dhu Rd.

Here's why you should never drive on flooded roads.

Blair St shop's 21st century smile

The new-look interior of the Blair Street Store and Takeaway.
THE Blair Street Store and Takeaway has re-opened after a two-week refurbishment and looks to have been doing a roaring trade following the introduction of Rosie's Chicken as an add-on business.

A Blair St fixture for more than 60 years, the takeaway near the New Norfolk Bridge has almost overnight become the most up-to-date food business in the town, with a clean and modern fit-out that will be the envy of other businesses.

Originally operating from the front room of the house at 3 Blair St in 1956, the venture was later formalised with a proper shopfront. The premises were expanded in the early 1990s with the addition of kitchen for takeaway meals. This section was built on a lower level, but this month's refurbishment has seen the whole shop laid out on the one level, with the addition of a new door on the southern side of the shop to provide disability access.

The Eleventh Order Tasmanian Craft Beer and Wine Bar in High St.
The new layout also provides seating for customers wishing to dine-in rather than take-away. Barista coffee is available and a small selection of grocery lines is still available. See their Facebook page for more information.

The Blair Street Store's re-opening is the latest expression of business confidence in the town. Local micro-brewery The Eleventh Order opened a bar at 7 High St early last month, serving local wine, beer and cider.

This Tasmanian Craft Beer and Wine Bar has  several beers and ciders on tap, you are welcome to bring your own food to have with your drinks, and children are welcome. Opening times vary - check out the Facebook page for the latest information.

Book Magick at 65 High St.
Also new to High St is Book Magick, which has moved to larger premises at 65a High St after just over a year in its original location at 45 Burnett St.

This shop offering "books and more" is in the old Shoe Mart premises, right next door to a new Colony 47 office which is the local contact for the Federal Government's Transition to Work program for Tasmanians aged 15-21.

Congratulations to everyone giving it a go in business in New Norfolk.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Flood relief working bee

Volunteers shoveling soil that the floodwaters had stripped
from a vegetable garden.  
ABOUT 15 members of two local organisations participated in a working bee earlier today to assist a New Norfolk resident who suffered severe property damage in the recent floods.

The Lachlan Rivulet became a raging torrent overnight on May 10-11 when severe storms dumped record amounts of rain on Hobart and surrounds.

Breaking its banks at multiple locations in Lachlan and New Norfolk, the rivulet deposited tonnes of debris along its course. Many of the householders with trees, rocks and other rubbish in their yards now find themselves ineligible for government assistance due to the strict application of means-testing requirements.

The mountain of debris collected from one property along the
Lachlan Rivulet in New Norfolk.
Last weekend saw a group of friends lend a hand at the Tickleberry market garden on Hobart Rd, which had suffered extensive damage.

Today it was members of the Derwent Valley Men's Shed and the Derwent Valley Garden Club who pitched in to help a Lachlan Rd landowner deal with the debris dumped on her property by the swollen Lachlan Rivulet a fortnight ago.

The two clubs responded to a call put out by Derwent Valley Councillor Paul Belcher who has featured on WIN News and the ABC TV news this weekend, highlighting the gaps in the flood relief offered by the three levels of government.

Extensive flooding was also experienced at several locations at Molesworth, where swollen watercourses including the Glen Dhu Rivulet wrought havoc for several days. Two weeks later, it is understood one property at Glen Dhu is still without power, while another has tonnes of river stones blanketing its paddocks.

200th senior game for Eagle Heron

Rohan Heron being chaired from the ground
by team-mates Jacob Daley and  Ben Lovell
after his 200th senior game today.
LONG-SERVING Eagles player Rohan Heron today completed his 200th senior game for the New Norfolk District Football Club.

Recently awarded life membership of the NNDFC, Heron celebrated today's milestone with an 11-point win over Cygnet at Boyer Oval.

A club spokesman said Heron was a consistent player for the Eagles who was highly respected by the players, supporters and coaching staff. He also has six premiership medals to his name.

Former Eagles coach Matthew Smith said on Facebook that it had been an absolute pleasure to have coached him. "Always putting his teammates/team before himself - a true champion not only of the NNDFC but football in general," Smith said.

Dean King said Heron was one of - if not the best - backmen to play for the Eagles. "You are a legend on the ground and off," King said on Facebook.

Congratulations and well done Rohan.

Today's scores from Boyer Oval for Round 9 of the SFL

SENIORS: New Norfolk 14.9 (93) d Cygnet 12.10 (82)

RESERVES: New Norfolk 15.5 (95) d Cygnet 2.8 (20)

COLTS: New Norfolk 10.10 (70) d Southern Storm 8.7 (55)

Sunday frost warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts

Issued at 3:24pm on Saturday 26 May 2018.

Frosts with temperatures down to -2 degrees are forecast for Sunday morning in parts of the Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts

Please be aware: Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Friday, May 25, 2018

This weekend's footy teams

SFL Round 9 - local matches

COLTS: New Norfolk v Southern Storm at Boyer Oval, 10am on Saturday. New Norfolk to be selected from: J. Harris, J. Palmer, T. Lovell, R. Thomason, J. Pearce, S. Holloway, J. George, Z. Wheeler, J. Fisher-Cooley, O. Haigh, J. Triffett, H. Davis, B. Triffett, D. Coppleman, T. Donaghy, T. Rainbird, M. Barnes, C. Keleher, C. Morgan, D. Morgan, L. Crosswell and C. Triffett.

RESERVES: New Norfolk v Cygnet at Boyer Oval, noon on Saturday. New Norfolk to be selected from: J. Ransley, N. Booth, M. Bearman, A. Brooks, T. Bligh, M. Jones, B. Tomlin, T. Heron, J. Campbell, J. Walsh, W. Lockley, K. Walker, L. Harris, D. Denny, J. Foster, T. Purdon, Z. Harris, L. Browning, C. Ransley, R. Graham, B. Hodge and D. Triffitt.

SENIORS: New Norfolk v Cygnet at Boyer Oval, 2pm on Saturday. New Norfolk to be selected from: M. Parker, J. Van Lierop, J. Gunther, R. Franklin, J. Wilton, W. Lockley, R. Heron, M. Horne, J. Hills, J. Whitford, J. Eiszele, J. Wigg, B. Ransley, J. Daley, J. Banks-Smith, A. Burgess, J. Farrow, K. Hansen, B. Wardlaw, B. Lovell, J. King and J. Clifford.

WOMEN: Cygnet v New Norfolk at Cygnet, 10.30am on Sunday. New Norfolk to be selected from: H. McMaster, A. Glover, P. Triffett, J. Oakley, B. Richards, K. Harris, K. Wilson, L. Flakemore, C. Percey, T. Mundy, T. Weber, D. Cranage, K. Grant, B. Browning, O. Smith, B. Laughlin, T. Tangata and H. Sawyer.

SATURDAY: Derwent Valley flood recovery expo

A FLOOD recovery expo will be held in New Norfolk tomorrow (Saturday) to provide information and support to individuals and businesses affected by the recent flooding in the Derwent Valley.

Presented by the State Government and the Derwent Valley Council, the expo will be held in the New Norfolk War Memorial Hall, Circle St, from 10am-3pm.

Among the organisations to be represented at the event will be:
  • Housing Tasmania (recovery and restoration grants)
  • Tasmanian Health Service Community Social Team
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Tasmanian Council of Churches
  • Insurance Council of Australia
  • Legal Aid Tasmania
  • The Salvation Army
  • The St Vincent de Paul Society
  • DPIPWE (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment)
  • Landcare Tasmania
  • Derwent Catchment Project
More information is available by calling the Flood Recovery Unit on 1800 567 567.

Click image to enlarge.
In a statement issued earlier this week, the Derwent Valley Council said its staff had been working rigorously to assist residents affected by the floods and to safely re-open affected council infrastructure as quickly as possible.

The statement said the council had received more than 150 flood-related resident enquiries in the first week and a half, and that assessments and works were being completed as safely and quickly as possible.

"Council’s small crew of workers were able to provide access of Glen Dhu Rd during the week including the reinstatement of bridges. Council staff attempted to ring every resident in the Glen Dhu Rd area, this commenced on Friday [May] 11 when the full extent of the flooding event became apparent. Follow up calls were made to a number of affected residents since that time."

Recovery efforts over the first weekend saw the State Emergency Service's Rapid Assessment Team door-knocking at homes along Glen Dhu Rd. "The SES coordinated their response with council to provide residents in the affected areas, food rations and access to a paramedic," a council spokesman said.

"Council’s priority is to reinstate all public infrastructure, and it is well aware of damage to private
properties, roads and bridges. Council officers are in discussion with State Government
Departments to arrange solutions where possible.

"In addition to contacting residents individually, where possible, council has posted all government-issued flood-related information on its website and social media page. Council staff have responded
to many individual telephone and in-person queries, directing them to the appropriate emergency
and management services as required."

  • Lachlan: Hansons Rd bridge and the road network beyond to the north.
  • Molesworth: Glen Dhu Rd is open to local light vehicle traffic only, with a five-tonne weight limit past the fourth bridge (the timber bridge about 3.8km off Molesworth Rd). Please take care and drive to the conditions, as the council continues to address the uneven surfaces of road sections between bridges.  The council will continue to have heavy machinery operating in the area. Please drive safely and observe all signage and direction by council staff at all times.
  • Tynwald Park is closed until further notice.

To help those people with affected homes in the Derwent Valley, the council is providing free entry on Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27, at the Peppermint Hill Waste Disposal Site in New Norfolk.

To access the free entry, please provide proof of residence in the Derwent Valley municipal area, such as drivers licence or a or utility bill showing your residential address.

The council says materials accepted for free disposal must only be:
  • from residential properties located in the Derwent Valley Council municipal area
  • severe weather affected/damaged materials
  • storm or Flood green waste
  • of residential quantities only

Frosty weather warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the Central North, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Issued at 2:54pm on Friday 25 May 2018.

Please be aware 
Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

Frosts with temperatures down to -1 degrees are forecast for Saturday morning in parts of the Central North, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

THIS SATURDAY: local flood recovery expo

Click image to enlarge

Friday frost warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Frost Warning
for the North West Coast, Central North, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

Issued at 11:37 am EST on Thursday 24 May 2018.

Please be aware 
Temperatures at ground level can be many degrees lower than those recorded by standard weather stations, especially in calm conditions with clear skies.

Severe frosts with temperatures down to -3 degrees which can cause significant crop damage are forecast for Friday morning in parts of the Central North, Midlands and East Coast forecast districts

Frosts with temperatures down to -2 degrees are forecast for Friday morning in parts of the North West Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts

No further warnings will be issued for this event.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Young Eagles keen to fly to Melbourne

The 2018 New Norfolk Under 12 football team.
AS part of their football experience this season, the New Norfolk Junior Football Club Under 12s will be heading to Melbourne. But to get there on this end-of-season trip, they need a little help.

Fundraising has been under way for some time, including margin tickets for every AFL Friday night match and the upcoming Round 11 Dream Team match, as well as a Mother's Day raffle and a barbecue at the New Norfolk Woolworths last Saturday.

The purpose of the Melbourne trip is to educate the youngsters on the meaning of what football is all about and to learn from it as much as they can to help get the most out of their time in football.

With the money raised, each child will receive:

  • Flights to Melbourne and return to Hobart
  • Accommodation and one meal paid for
  • Attendance at two AFL games and visits to AFL merchandise shops
The NNJFC Under 12s team is fully coached, managed, umpired and supported by volunteers including parents. For the children, the benefits of playing team sport like football include confidence, team-building and  self-esteem.

For more information about the team or how to support the fundraising, contact team manager Stacey Triffett on 0475 111 164 or coach Tristan Triffett on ‭0427 950 662,‬ or visit the team's Facebook page. Any help will be greatly appreciated by the Under 12s team.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Free tip entry for some flood victims this weekend

THE Derwent Valley Council will provide free entry to the New Norfolk tip site this weekend to people with flood-affected residences in the municipality.

"To help those people with affected residences in the Derwent Valley, the council is providing free entry on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May to the Peppermint Hill Waste Disposal Site," a council spokesman said yesterday. "The following weekend Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June will also be available should initial demand dictate the need."

People wishing to take up this offer will need to provide proof of residence in the Derwent Valley municipal area, such as a drivers licence or utility bill showing the residential address.

The offer of free disposal is only open to:

  • material from residential properties located in the Derwent Valley Council municipal area 
  • severe weather affected/damaged materials
  • storm or flood green waste 
  • residential quantities only 

"Site operators will be on hand assess and assist as you enter and dispose of the materials," the council spokesman said.

The council's initial statement last Friday was strongly criticised by Councillor Paul Belcher who described the offer as too little, too late. "To say the least I'm very disappointed in the media release today from the council regarding free entry to the tip for flood-affected residents," Cr Belcher posted on Facebook on Saturday.

"The media release states that only one day will be free, that being next Sunday the 27th of May ... as a councillor I am a bit ashamed that we as a council have decided to make just one free day - in another week's time," Cr Belcher said, before offering to collect unwanted "tip tickets" to pass on to flood-affected Derwent Valley residents who were not eligible for the free tip entry.

On Monday the council issued an update to its media statement, providing free tip entry this Saturday as well as Sunday, and indicating the same offer may apply on the first weekend in June also. Despite extending the dates, the council did not extend the offer beyond "residential quantities".

At last week's monthly council meeting, general manager Greg Winton answered several questions from Cr Belcher about free dumping for flood-effected residents of the municipality. "I have received confirmation today, that subject to it being for a flood-effected residence, then the state would make a contribution to those disposal costs," Mr Winton said.  "Do you want to pay for TasNetworks dumping debris in the councl's tip? I think the answer to that would be no," he said.

Cr Belcher was not satisfied with the response. "Are you telling me that the Derwent Valley Council in a natural disaster will not offer free tip without getting a subsidy from the State Government?" he said. Mr Winton said that was not what he said. "I said I would make the observation that that's what I had learned today that the state would be subsidising."

Both Cr Belcher and deputy mayor Ben Shaw said it would be important for the council to communicate its offer to affected residents. No other councillor spoke on the matter.

Final days for history exhibition

Click image to enlarge.
THE 30th anniversary exhibition at the New Norfolk Historical Information Centre is entering its last few days. Officially opened by the Governor, Professor Kate Warner, earlier this month, the display is open from noon-4pm this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Titled "Memories of the Derwent Valley", the exhibition features items that have been donated to the New Norfolk Historical Information Centre by members of the public over the last three decades.

The exhibition was two years in the making, following receipt of grant funding from Arts Tasmania. Expert advice has been received from roving curator Melissa Smith at monthly workshops involving a dedicated team of Historical Information Centre Committee volunteers and members.

Through this process, 10 items from the centre’s collection were been identified as having great meaning to the people of the Derwent Valley and thus selected for this exhibition. These are:

  • Boots made for patients of the Royal Derwent Hospital, c1960s
  • First World War memorial plaques for two brothers from the Derwent Valley, c1920
  • Books from the original New Norfolk Public Library, c1860-1960
  • Tasmanian Devil fishing lures, c1979, and the story of the Wigston family
  • Scarlet hunting jacket, c1840-70
  • L.M. Shoobridge building, 1939
  • Fruitpickers’ tins, c1950, and the story of the small fruit industry
  • Maternity Bra promotional display, c1960s (from Stella Potter’s shop) and baby scales, c1940
  • Fruitpicking tally book c1890
  • Stationmaster’s memorabilia, 1964-85.

The New Norfolk Historical Information Centre was founded by local volunteers in partnership with the Derwent Valley Council and the National Trust in 1988. Having already established a display for visitors in the former public library building next door (officially opened in 1986 by His Excellency Sir James Plimsoll), in 1991 the Centre was granted use of the L.M. Shoobridge building as a meeting space and storage facility. In 1999 the historical displays were transferred to the Shoobridge building when the old library was converted into Derwent Valley Information Centre.

The current exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the establishing of the New Norfolk Historical Information Centre as a Special Committee of the Derwent Valley Council. The exhibition is in the historical centre in Circle St, adjacent to the council chambers.

Severe weather warning updated

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Severe Weather Warning


For people in South East, Central Plateau and parts of Western, Upper Derwent Valley, East Coast and North West Coast Forecast Districts.

Issued at 10:52 pm Monday, 21 May 2018.

Weather Situation:
A vigorous west to southwesterly airstream prevails over Tasmania.

DAMAGING WEST TO SOUTHWESTERLY WINDS, averaging 60 to 70 km/h with peak gusts in excess of 100 km/h are possible over parts of the West, South, Central Plateau and Western Tiers until early Tuesday morning.
Wind gusts are expected to ease to below 100 km/h before sunrise Tuesday morning.
Locations which may be affected include Hobart, Geeveston, Dover, Huonville, Dodges Ferry, Waratah, Tarraleah and Lake St Clair.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should:
* Supervise children closely.
* Check that family and neighbours are aware of warnings.
* Manage pets and livestock.
* Secure outdoor items including furniture and play equipment.
* Be prepared in case of power outages.
* Beware of damaged trees and power lines and take care when driving.
* Listen to the ABC radio or check for further advice.
* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132500.

The next Severe Weather Warning will be issued by 5am Tuesday.

Warnings are also available through TV and Radio broadcasts, the Bureau's website at or call 1300 659 216
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About Severe Weather Warning Services