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Monday, April 16, 2018

Women and babies escaped $400,000 house fire

FIREFIGHTERS from New Norfolk, Lachlan, Bushy Park and Magra were called to a house fire at Mt Lloyd just after 11am on Sunday.

They were alerted to the fire by a triple zero (000) call from the occupant and arrived to find the large house fully engulfed in fire.

"The fire had also spread to an adjoining garage and several cars," regional fire investigation officer Andrew Emery said. "Two women were able to evacuate the house with two babies before the fire took hold," Mr Emery said.

The fire took about an hour to bring under control and one of the occupants was treated for smoke inhalation. "While firefighting efforts were challenging due to strong, gusty winds, fire crews were able to stop the fire spreading to several other outbuildings," Mr Emery said.

Investigators from the Tasmania Fire Service and Tasmania Police attended the scene this morning and determined the fire was caused by a mattress that had been placed too close to a wood heater.

"This is the second house fire in a week caused by items being left too close to a heater," Mr Emery said. "Unfortunate events like this can be avoided by making sure all flammable items are kept two metres from any type of heater and open fires have a fire screen."

The damage bill of the fire at Mt Lloyd fire is estimated to be $400,000.

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