Saturday, April 7, 2018

VIDEO: Today's New Norfolk match preview

New Norfolk vs Claremont, 2pm at Abbottsfield Park

A STRONG Round 1 showing by the Magpies has them coming into their first home game of the season full of confidence against last year's premiers. While New Norfolk went down against last years runner-up in the grand final replay at Boyer on Good Friday, they will be hoping to atone for the loss.

The Eagles clawed their way back into the game against the Two Blues early, but after half time they fell away and the Two Blues were too good. In Claremont's game last weekend, an inaccurate beginning saw the Magpies storm home against Cygnet and put on a strong display with both Bowden and Potter too great to overcome.

The Magpies will be looking to atone for their preliminary final defeat at the hands of the premiers, while New Norfolk will want to bounce back from their loss in Round 1.


Game Times
Seniors: 2pm at Abbottsfield
Reserves: noon at Abbottsfield
Colts: 10am at Abbottsfield
Women: 2.30pm at Boyer

New Norfolk seniors to be selected from: M. Parker, T. Heron, J. Van-Lierop, J. Campbell, J. Wilton, R. Heron, M. Horne, J. Hills, J. Eiszele, J. Wigg, A. Tonks, T. Purdon, J. Daley, J. Banks-Smith, A. Burgess, J. Farrow, M. Murray, J. Taylor-Evans, K. Hansen, B. Wardlaw, B. Lovell, J. King, J. Clifford, Z. Graham and J. Murray
In: Z. Graham, J. Banks-Smith, and J. Eiszele.

New Norfolk reserves to be selected from: A. Long, B. Ashley , T. Bligh , N. Broomhead, M. Jones, R. Thomason, B. Tomlin, J. Fisher-Cooley, J. Walsh, D. Coppleman, T. Rainbird, B. Coleman, L. Harris, D. Denny, J. Eiszele, D. Triffitt, B. Ransley, Z. Harris, B. Hodge and C. Balmer.

New Norfolk colts to be selected from: J. Harris, T. Leonard, J. Palmer, T. Lovell, R. Thomason, J. George, Z. Wheeler, J. Fisher-Cooley, O. Haigh, R. Franklin, B. Howlett, B. Triffett, D. Coppleman, T. Rainbird, M. Barnes, C. Keleher, C. Morgan, D. Morgan, L. Crosswell and C. Triffett.

New Norfolk women to be selected from: H. McMaster, L. Flakemore , N. Flakemore, C. Percey, C. Lovell, T. Mundy, J. Flakemore , T. Weber, D. Cranage, K. Grant, C. Gebel, B. Bartels, B. Browning, J. Cleaver, O. Smith, J. Hyland, B. Laughlin and J. McNaughton.
In: J. Hyland, J. McNaughton, H. McMaster, T. Weber, C. Lovell, J. Flakemore, J. Cleaver, T. Mundy, C. Gebel, B. Browning, N. Flakemore, K. Grant, D. Cranage, L. Flakemore , B. Bartels, O. Smith, B. Laughlin and C. Percey.

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