Sunday, April 1, 2018

Upgrade for Lachlan NBN this week

A NBN fixed-wireless tower
HOMES and businesses at Lachlan are set for an upgrade aimed at boosting the capacity of some National Broadband Network (NBN) fixed-wireless towers in the region. A spokesman for the NBN said a small number of customers connected to fixed-wireless service in the area may be experiencing slower than expected internet speeds at present.

This has been attributed to a higher than expected take-up rate of services over the fixed-wireless network and evening congestion because of high usage during peak hours. The company says it is  accelerating upgrades to the network to provide a better service.

For Lachlan, the upgrades are scheduled to take place this Thursday, April 5, over a 12-hour period, with a further network outage on Friday, over a 10-hour window. There are also back-up dates from April 6-9 should they be required.

The NBN says that during these periods, some residents may be affected by outages lasting a number of hours. “With an infrastructure build of this scale, we are constantly monitoring network performance and looking at ways we can improve our network to help provide the best customer experience we can," NBN Tasmania manager Russell Kelly said.

“As part of our network upgrade program we will be boosting the broadband capacity of some tower cells, prioritising areas such as Lachlan where some users are experiencing congestion. When we carry out an upgrade, the tower may be turned off at intervals throughout the day, which will affect some telephone and internet services of local residents who are connected to the network," Mr Kelly said.

 “We will take steps to ensure that any interruptions to service are kept to a minimum while ensuring the safety of workers at the fixed-wireless towers. We thank residents and businesses in advance for their patience as we complete these upgrades," he said.

“It’s worth noting with any wireless broadband solution, capacity is not infinite and needs to be carefully managed. We are committed to helping to improve the online experience of Lachlan residents – we will continue work with the local community, as well as phone and internet providers to help ensure households and businesses are getting the best possible service.”

A community information day to explain the network improvements was held at Lachlan last Thursday.

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