Saturday, December 30, 2017

Three shops proposed for old supermarket site

A DEVELOPMENT application has been lodged with the Derwent Valley Council for the conversion of the old New Norfolk Woolworths supermarket into three smaller shops.

Acting on behalf of SFO Property Pty Ltd, architects Michael Cooper and Associates have applied for a partial demolition, extensions and alterations, partial change of use, and signage, at the former supermarket at 17-21 Charles St.

Erected for Purity Supermarkets in 1983, the building on the corner of Charles and George Streets has been vacant since Woolworths moved to its new location on the other side of George St in April 2015.

The "New Norfolk Plaza" proposal includes:
  • A partial change of use to "hotel industry" and a 135 square metre extension to the existing building, for a new Cellarbrations bottle shop proposed to have two full-time staff and two casual staff at any given time, with opening hours from 10am-8pm Sunday to Wednesday and from 10am-9pm from Thursday to Saturday. 
  • A partial change of use to "sport and recreation" for a proposed Zap Fitness gymnasium that would have one full-time staff member between 10am-6pm from Monday to Friday and would be open 24-hours from Monday to Sunday.
  • The largest tenancy will be occupied by a Shiploads discount shop. 
Nine parking spaces will be lost in the $200,000 redevelopment, leaving 140 spaces for customer parking.   

The northern face of the redeveloped supermarket. Click image to enlarge.


  1. I think this is fantastic news - at least ten new jobs as well as a show of confidence in our wonderful town...

  2. But these are not new jobs. This is simply relocating existing businesses.

  3. As I understand it, Zap is not relocating but new place is an add-on to current business. Shiploads is new - there is no relocation of another store and Cellerbrations is also a new business for the town, so is your information any difference M Stronach please?

  4. there would be a lot of new shops in town but a small number of business men in town have lodged objections to the council when applications for a new buisnesses have been put forward for example aldi was very interested in coming to town but pleasure was put on the council by 2 shop owners, makes me angry, aldi would have brought shoppers into town from far and wide which would attract more shops. if you go to a new town to shop at aldi you check out all the other shops in town too. its a wonder ship loads allowed in town you wait sertain people will try to stop it

    1. Hi Anonymous@1.49PM, allegations about certain businesses influencing the council to stop others from opening in New Norfolk come up from time to time but they do not stand up to scrutiny.
      The developers of the Hobart Rd/Ring Rd site did not specify which supermarket business might occupy their site, except to say on the TV news that it might be Coles, might be Woolworths, might be Aldi. More than 2000 people joined a Facebook group supporting the developent but in the end it was the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal that blocked the development because it did not comply with the New Norfolk Planning Scheme.