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Saturday, September 16, 2017

SFL grand finals today


First Quarter: Lindisfarne 5.2 (32) d New Norfolk 1.3 (9)
Second Quarter: Lindisfarne 6.4 (40) d New Norfolk 4.9 (33)
Third Quarter: Lindisfarne 11.7 (73) d New Norfolk 9.11 (65)
Full time: New Norfolk 13.14 (92) d Lindisfarne 13.9 (87)

SFL Reserves Grand Final: Lindisfarne 11.8 (74) d New Norfolk 5.5 (35)

SFLW Grand Final: Lindisfarne 4.8. (32) d South East Suns 3.4 (22)

SFL Colts Grand Final: Hobart 9.6 (60) d Southern Storm 5.10 (40)

Match previews
Seniors: Lindisfarne v New Norfolk

WHO will forget the 2012 decider when Lindisfarne the red-hot favourite jumped away to handy early 6-7 goal lead, only for the Eagles to slowly peg the deficit back to win the title?

What a grand final match up we have today. The two stand-out teams all year will both go into the game expecting to win at their best.

The brand of football they play is exciting but built on pressure. Unbeaten in the roster series, the Eagles were upset by the Blues in the second semi-final at Boyer Oval

After seeing both sides up close this finals series, they can both slingshot the ball from half-back at speedl both have ruckmen that feed fantastic midfielders; and a potent forward line that can kick a big score. They both have very strong squads of 25 so it will come down to the top six who have the greater impact in big moments that will win the ultimate prize.

Both teams have a stack of quality players. Lindisfarne led by dual William Leitch Medallist Troy Cunliffe and Michael Cassidy, Matt Smith, Joey Miller, Tom Roberts, Ryan Edmondson, the Clark boys and goal-sneak Van Kraanen, just to mention a few up against the experienced Eagles men of Caden Wilson, Mark Horne, Nathan Ross, Tyron Rainbird, Jacob Wigg, Nic Clayton, Rohan Heron, Marcus Parker, the giant Jason Laycock and the evergreen 300-gamer dual William Leitch Medallist Roger Belcher.

Prediction: New Norfolk by eight points on the back of Laycock giving his midfielders first use to a very dangerous forward line in Parker, Gardam, Ross, Wilson and Clayton.

New Norfolk to be selected from: M. Parker, Z. Gardam, J. Gunther, R. Heron, P. Ross, M. Horne,
K. Styles, J. Wigg, T. Rainbird, J. Daley, J. Banks-Smith, N. Eiszele, G. Quirk, B. Wardlaw, B. Lovell, N. Ross, J. Clifford, C. Wilson, J. Murray, L. Joseph, N. Clayton, B. Booth, R. Belcher, T. Eiszele, J. Laycock. In: K. Styles, J. Banks-Smith, G. Quirk.

Lindisfarne to be selected from: D. Zantuck, T. Westbury, R. Martin, D. Blazely, J. Anning, D. Clark, T. Roberts, J. Howlett, J. Young, J. Miller, R. Edmondson, J. Fisher, M. Howell, W. Press, B. Fazackerley, J. Triffett, M. Smith, K. Miller, O. Rand, T. Cunliffe, M. Phillips, M. Cassidy, B. Van Kraanen, M. Clark. In: D. Zantuck, D. Blazely.

Reserves: New Norfolk v Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne has had to do the hard yards during the finals, playing week-in week-out. Players of prominence likely to be Todd Willing, Shawn Clark, Nick Braslin, Tim Bracken, Bayley Westbury, Ben Dean, and any player that misses out on senior selection.

The boys from the Valley are undefeated and therefore go into this match as red-hot favourites, a huge turnaround from last season’s wooden spoon. The experience of Dual George Watt Medallist Adam Whitford, Josh Kelly, Bonnitcha, Styles and depth of other team-mates should ensure a flag for the Eagles.

New Norfolk to be selected from: A. Whitford, A. Papera, K. Styles, J. Hills, J. Whitford, L. Harris,
B. Ransley, J. Banks-Smith, A. Burgess, S. Hughes, G. Quirk, L. Browning, M. Murray, K. Hansen, C. Ransley, N. Lester, J. King, A. Matcham, Z. Graham, M. Martin, J. Kelly, B. Booth, S. Bonnitcha, B. Boucher, S. Bonnitcha. In: S. Bonnitcha, A. Burgess, S. Hughes.

Lindisfarne to be selected from: L. Briggs, T. Blowfield, B. Dean, D. Blazely, W. Dare, J. Bromfield, J. Press, B. Nankivell, C. McPhie, B. Westbury, J. McPherson, T. Clark, K. Goninon, N. Cranfield, T. Bracken, S. Clark, T. Willing, A. Hutchinson, M. Spong, J. Mitchell, J. Watson, C. Harper, A. Clarke, N. Braslin, S. Bester. In: T. Clark, A. Hutchinson, D. Blazely, J. Mitchell. Out: A. Fleming.

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