Friday, July 7, 2017

Council budget announcement


Council Budget 

Derwent Valley Council is planning a capital works program worth $4 million for the community during the current financial year. Announcing the formal acceptance of the Budget for 2017 today by the Council, Derwent Valley Mayor Martyn Evans said the budget document reflects the Council’s commitment to maintain and develop the region’s amenities while helping to support a safe and sustainable way of life.

“The Derwent Valley Council is responsive to community’s expectations around sustainably managing the resources of the region, while caring sensitively for the heritage built environment and keeping the infrastructure and services going” Mayor Evans said. “We’re increasing our efforts to invest in our region with the largest capital works program we’ve undertaken in at least a decade.

“Council will roll out the program over the current financial year, subject to the Council receiving a grant from the State Government’s Economic Stimulus Scheme. Some of the most urgently-needed works planned will include the upgrade to the public toilet facilities at the Council Chambers, and we’ll be doing some important work in maintaining natural resources, including weed management.

“We’ve also planned a footpath replacement program, we’ll upgrade the street furniture on High St in New Norfolk and work on the storm water system” Mayor Evans said. Derwent Valley Council is also responding to direct input from the community, with a number of new projects suggested by residents to be funded around the region.

This year’s budget will include a rate increase of 2.30% in line with the Consumer Price Index and an increase of the waste management levy, which will increase from $51.50 to $56.65.

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