Thursday, June 29, 2017

Police advice for winter driving

POLICE have issued a warning to motorists to slow down and drive to winter conditions following reports of ice, snow and rain throughout the state today.

“Rain and black ice make the roads slippery, vehicles can slide into danger and out of control if the speed  they are travelling at is too fast for the conditions,” Inspector John Ward said. “Be aware of your surroundings and look out for potential hazards in any extreme weather conditions.

Snow and ice can be expected in elevated areas, creating potentially hazardous road conditions. “If a road is closed, don’t drive around road closure signs, or move signs from the roadway," Inspector Ward said. " Roads are closed for the safety of the public and by ignoring these closures your actions can compromise the safety of yourself and other motorists.”

Tasmania Police have offered the following tips to help all road users to stay safe:

 Keep an eye on the Tasmania Police Community Alert page for the latest road closures
 Drive at a speed that feels safe and allows plenty of time to stop quickly and safely
 Be aware the roads can become slippery and could be like driving on ice - drive accordingly
 Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead – four seconds at least in poor
 Don’t drive through water across the roadway - the road may be damaged underneath
 Concentrate 100% on driving
 Don’t allow distractions (i.e. mobile phones) to affect your judgement and reaction times
 Pay attention to road warning signs about hazardous conditions
 Drive with headlights on when visibility is poor
 Ensure tyres are in good condition and are correctly inflated
 Ensure windscreen is clean and the demister is working as it should
 Ensure front and rear wiper blades are in good condition

 Wear light coloured clothing (reflective at night)
 Use crossings where possible and obey the signals
 Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol as it slows reflexes and impairs judgement when
crossing roads

Bike riders: 
 Ensure your bike has front and rear lights
 If riding at night use flashing rear lights
 Wear reflective clothing to increase visibility
 Wear an approved safety helmet

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