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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Youth League cricket

ANOTHER batch of good performances were turned in by the Derwent Valley's junior players taking part in Round 12 of the Cricket Tasmania Youth League.

In the Under 13s, New Norfolk's Cameron McMaster top-scored with a well-made 19no. Tom Murray bowled very well taking 2-4 off just three overs while Tom Eiszele and Riley Blackaby got two wickets each. Bobby Nossiter had a good game taking 1-20 then made nine with the bat and I hear hit his first ever four!

For Gretna in the Under 13s, Brodie Scanlon had a terrific match with both bat and ball. He made 30 runs hitting two fours and a six and then captured 2-1 off 2.2 overs. Jorden Conley was equally as good making 29 including five fours, and then took 1-10 off 3 overs. Jack Moodie had a good match with the bat also, making 19 including three good fours.

In the Under 14s for New Norfolk, Jack Morgan top-scored with 15no. Jye Bearman bowled extremely well taking 2-8 off five overs. Jordan George and Dylan Browning also did well picking up two wickets each.

In Gretna's Under 14s match, Zac Wheeler put in a great all round effort. He made 47 with the bat including eight well-struck fours and then took 1-15 off five overs with the ball. The day before, Wheeler played in Gretna II's good win over Bothwell I. Zac had a bowl and finished with 0-8 off four overs including four maidens. Well done Zac. Also in the under 14s, Jacob Blackwell made a very patient 22 which included three fours and Tyler Scanlon took 1-23 off four overs.


Lindisfarne 7/138 off 30 overs d. New Norfolk 8/119 off 30 overs at Tynwald Park. Batting: Cameron McMaster 19no, Connor Blackaby 12 (two fours), Blake Sillifant 10, Bobby Nossiter 9 (one four). Bowling: Tom Murray 2-4 (3), Tom Eiszele 2-7 (3), Riley Blackaby 2-8 (4), Bobby Nossiter 1-20 (3).

Kingston Crows 8/119 off 21.2 overs d. Gretna 8/108 off 22.2 overs. Batting: Brodie Scanlon 30 (two fours, one six), Jorden Conley 29 (five fours), Jack Moodie 19 (three fours). Bowling: Brodie Scanlon 2-1 (2.2), Connor Gittus 2-7 (2), Byron Conley 2-16 (2), Jorden Conley 1-10 (3), Aidan Featherstone 1-14 (2).

Lindisfarne 8/59 off 19.5 overs d. New Norfolk 8/46 off 15.3 overs at Lindisfarne. Batting: Jack Morgan 15no.  Bowling: Jye Bearman 2-8 (5), Jordan George 2-11 (3), Dylan Browning 2-20 (5), Jordon Gittus 1-6 (2), Jake Stevenson 1-9 (2).

Brighton Red 3/1300 off 23 overs d. Gretna 8/120 off 35.2 overs at Gretna. Batting: Zac Wheeler 47 (eight fours), Jacob Blackwell 22 (three fours), Dylan Davis 9 (one four). Bowling: Zac Wheeler 1-15 (5), Cameron Clark 1-43 (6), Tyler Scanlon 1-23 (4).

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